Zoom In-Out Features Added For Document Issuers And Signers

11 Aug 2021
Zoom In-Out Features Added For Document Issuers And Signers

Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly important as companies expand globally and explore new opportunities. Every organization and individual that works in coordination with various departments and clients struggle to look for a way to improve their workflow. Companies that need crucial papers to be signed by their clients sitting far away are looking for an eSignature solution that can be trusted. 

This is where VeriDoc Sign comes in as the one-stop solution for all worries. VeriDoc Sign’s eSignature platform is secure, cost-effective, and transparent. With the help of VeriDoc Sign, you can send bulk documents to your clients and employees with just a click. Because of this, you are reducing the time to courier documents and being more productive. Let us understand one of the major features of VeriDoc Sign that makes this platform so easy for individuals of all age groups. 

How Can The Zoom-In/Out Feature Help Signers And Issuers?

Employees do not want to spend most of their time printing paperwork, mailing it by courier, storing it in files, and then waiting days to receive the signed documents. This kills a lot of time and reduces productivity. To make workflows more productive and efficient, VeriDoc Sign’s zoom-in/out feature can help signers in the following ways:

  • Easy Sign: Clients and customers must sign bulk documents, and finding out where to sign can be taxing. With the zoom in/out feature, one can easily zoom in and out on the document and insert their eSignature hassle-free.
  • Helps Individuals With Poor Eyesight: We come across clients and customers who have difficulty reading electronic documents due to poor eye sightedness. Due to this feature, one can zoom in on the documents at their convenience and sign them.
  • Helps To Insert The eSignature Correctly: Zoom in/out feature enables the user to zoom in on the required place and insert their eSignature correctly.
  • Help Document Issuers Add The Places To Sign: Issuers can use this feature to zoom in on the documents and highlight the areas where the signers need to put their eSignature.

VeriDoc Sign eSignature platform provides far stronger security and can be used for personal and business purposes. VeriDoc Sign is so easy to use that even persons with less technical knowledge can use this platform to sign important papers from anywhere and at any time. Are you ready to begin using VeriDoc Sign eSignature for your business? Please get in touch with us right away. Do not worry about the pricing. Our pricing plans are suitable for everybody’s needs. We are extremely cost-effective, and you can also sign up for our 10-day free trial before purchasing one of our plans.