What is the value of using a blockchain to record events in the context of eSignatures?

18 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

The information recorded on the blockchain cannot be changed or manipulated. As the stored information is distributed across multiple nodes, it is significantly more secure than traditional centralized networks. In the context of eSignatures, a blockchain is useful in verifying that the original document has not been tampered with or edited at any time before or after it has been signed. In addition to this, a blockchain also provides transparency and integrity around all eSigning events using verifiable time stamps, metadata, and unique hash values.

We look forward to more flexible, fun, and productive processes. An electronic signature is one of them. The paper-based projects impact your company's workflow and productivity. They act as a roadblock and are a massive cause of inefficiencies in your everyday life. While you can try and ignore the problems, the customer experience needs to get better for you to succeed. You get a competitive advantage and do not have to miss out anymore.

  • As an organization, how can you assure that your process is secure? Here are some tips by VeriDoc sign that can help you figure that out.

  • You need an electronic signature solution that your signatories can access easily.

  • Check if this software is already embedded in your company culture or if your board of directors already uses this paperless software.

  • The signature you create using the esignature solution should have the time, date stamp, and the user's identity. Ensure that it has all these vital attributes. The signatures should be tamper-proof too.

  • To be safe, the authority to sign and let others sign the document should lie with the individual who created this document.