Features & Benefits

See the list below for all the features and benefits. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Pre Login

Sign Up icons

Sign-up by going to VeriDoc Sign's website and select the subscription plan. Then select Try Now (for free trial) or Buy Now (for paid subscription) and add your required details like mail ID, name, and contact details. Once Signed Up, your login details will be mailed to you.

Log in icons

Learn how to log in to your esignature solution account with our easy guidance video. Just use your registered email and password to login to your account securely with our OTP verification and enjoy all of VeriDoc Sign’s attractive features.

Two Factor Authentication icons

Everytime you try to login to your VeriDoc Sign Account, you'll receive a 2-Factor Authentication OTP on your registered mail ID for logging in.

Forgot Password icons

Don’t remember your VeriDoc Sign’s account password? No worries, check out our video tutorial on how to set up a new password on your already active VeriDoc Sign esignature solution account.

10 Day Free Trial icons

Want to see how VeriDoc Sign esignature software can help you? Take our 10-day free trial by creating a new account using your email. We will send you the password to login to your new account.

After Login

Select A New Subscription Plan icons

You can now select any Subscription Plan of VeriDoc Sign from your existing account, once your current plan is about to expire.

Update My Details icons

Now you can change your personal details for VeriDoc Sign's account anytime. You can change/update your Name, Email, User ID, Position Title, and Phone Number.

Add Or Update Organisation Details icons

You can add or update organisation details on your VeriDoc Sign's account. Go to My Account, and add/update details of your organisation, and click on Add.

Change Password icons

You can change the current password of your VeriDoc Sign Account as per your need. Just go to My Accounts, and scroll down to Change Password. Now type in your desired password, and click on Save Password.

Search Feature icons

It can be tedious to search for an exact document from a pile of documents. But with the Search Bar on VeriDoc Sign, now you can search the document you need by Document Name, Date Created, and Created By. This feature allows you to find the document you need in no time at all.

Dashboard icons

The dashboard gives you a clear view and status of your uploaded documents. It shows you the Blockchain Status (signed or unsigned status of the document), Document Name, Created By, Date Created, Sign Status(whether your document is signed or still pending), Manage Access, and Action. Every chnage in your document, whether it is signed or not can be seen on the Dashboard.

Blockchain Status icons

The Blockchain Status on the left side of your uploaded document shows you whether your document is stored in the blockchain or not. So, if you see a green tick on the blockchain status for your document, it means that your document is securely stored in the blockchain and cannot be tampered with at all.

My Account icons

You can access to your Membership and Payment Status, Remaining Envelopes, Account Details, Change Password, Update Profile Details and Organisation Details

Sign Status icons

You can find a Sign Status feature beside every signer of your uploaded document. This keeps you updated on the sign status of every signer that you've assigned. You can clearly see whether your document is signed or pending at any moment.


Adding New Users icons

Add new users whenever you need to. Go to Manage Users and click on Create New, and add the details of new users on the Add New User Page.

Manage User icons

Manage pre-existing users whenever required from your admin account. Just go to manage users, see the added users, select a user from the list, click on action, and edit existing user.

Create New User icons

Add new users whenever you need to. Go to Manage Users and click on Create New and add the details of new users on the Add New User Page.

User Current Access icons

You can give access to new users by making them either an Admin or a new User, you can also Enable or Disable 2-Factor Authentication for the new users.

Creating Envelopes

Public or Private icons

Now you can choose the privacy of your document on VeriDoc Sign. To manage privacy, go to Create Envelope, and select whether your document is Private or Public on the Is this document Public or Private? Once selected, your document will either be public or private.

Upload Document icons

To upload a new document in you account, go to Create New Envelopes, and select the type of document, Public or Private, and upload your desired document. Once uploaded, you can assign signers and viewers for your new document.

Add Signers and Viewers icons

To add multiple Signers and Viewers, go to Create Envelope and scroll down to Add Signers and Viewers. Once there, click on Add a New Row and add as many Signers or Viewers as you need.

Remove Signers And Viewers icons

To remove any unrequired Signers or Viewers, go to the Create New Envelope page, scroll down to the Add Signers & Viewers section. You'll see a delete icon under Action on the right of each Signer/Viewer. Click on it to remove your selected Signer/ Viewer.

Reference Information icons

For certain documents, you might need to add some signing instructions for the signer. The Reference Information allows you to send instructions to individual signers and can be easily customizable for each signer/viewer.

While Uploading Document

Adding Secured QR Code icons

Once you've uploaded your document, you can add your QR Code for verification at any preferable area on your document.

Adding Signature Position icons

You can mark the exact area for the signee when he/she proceeds to sign the uploaded document. Just click on the Signature and place the 'Sign Here' at your desired spot on the document.

Adding Date Signed icons

You can ask the signee to add important information like Date Signed from the panel on the left-hand side. Click on the 'Date Signed' and place it on the exact spot you want your signer to add the date of signing.

Adding Name icons

If your document has no field for signee name, you can now ask them to add name by assigning an exact spot for it on the uploaded document. You can also customize the font style and size as required.

Adding Company icons

Sometimes you need the signee to add their Company's name on the document. Now you can mark the exact spot for the signee to add their Company. Once uploaded, go to Standard Fields, select Company and drag it to the desired area on the document.

Adding Text icons

If you want to add any additional information for the signee, like Place Signed, you can do so by clicking on the Text, and customize your own text, font, and font size.

Adding Position icons

If you want your signee to add their position on the signing document, now you can assign an exact place for that on the uploaded document. Go to the Standard Fields column, now select Position and drag it on the document to the exact place.

Adding Initials icons

Some documents require the signee's initials. Now you can dedicate a place for initials on your uploaded document for the signee. Go to Standard Fields, click on Initials and drag it on the right place on the document.

Zooming In icons

Some documents have really minute texts that can be hard to read. VeriDoc Sign has the feature of zooming in, where you can increase the size of the document according to your need and clearly read important texts.

Zooming Out icons

For some documents, we might want to look at the entire document in a smaller proportion to understand where to place the Sign Here and other instructions. You can do that easily on VeriDoc Sign while uploading the document.

After Uploading Document

Confirmation Mail To Signers And Viewers icons

Once you have uploaded the document on VeriDoc Sign, a confirmation mail will be sent to all your assigned signers and viewers of the document with eSigning/viewing instruction.

The Dashboard

Manage Access icons

Now you can easily manage each signer and viewer, change the document to Private or Public, Add New Viewer, and make changes to the Current Viewers List under Manage Access.

Customer Support icons

If you face any issue with your VeriDoc Sign account, you can now contact customer support anytime. Once you have logged in, you can find the support email at the bottom of the Dashboard page. Our support team is available 24x7 for giving you the best solutions!

Verify Feature icons

Now you can easily verify your uploaded document on VeriDoc Sign. Just open the Dashboard, search for your document, and click on the Verify feature, located below the Action. You will be directed to the verification website immediately.

Email Feature icons

On VeriDoc Sign's Dashboard, you can also find a feature to mail the document to any viewer you want to. Just go to Action, and click on the Email icon below it, add the desired email address. After verification, a mail will be sent to the particular person to view the document.

Download Feature icons

Now any document that you have uploaded on VeriDoc Sign can be downloaded anytime from the Dashboard in pdf format. You can also take a printout of the document (if needed) directly from the Dashboard (under Action).

Logout icons

Whenever you are done using VeriDoc Sign, always logout by going to the right-hand side corner of the main page, and clicking on your profile. You can see a list popping down, which will give you the logout option at the very end.

Entries icons

Now you can choose the number of uploaded documents you want to see on your VeriDoc Sign's Dashboard. On the top-right corner of the Dashboard, you can select the number of entries that ranges from 5 to 100 documents at once.

Document Viewing or Downloading Mail icons

Once the user have emailed the uploaded document to a viewer, an email with the secured document will be sent to the person. Then the person can either view or download the document as needed.