Add Signers or Viewers

20 Feb 2024

To add multiple Signers and Viewers, go to Create Envelope and scroll down to Add Signers and Viewers. Once there, click on Add a New Row and add as many Signers or Viewers as you need.

On your VeriDoc Sign account, the assigned signers can sign and add their required details on the designated document like Name, Designation, Date, Company Name, and others. But the viewers, on the other hand, cannot add or delete any information on the document. They can only view the document to check whether the needed requirements are fulfilled or not. A great electronic signature solution ensures that every process of your documentation is secure and customisable exactly the way you want it to be. VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution is a blockchain-secured software that provides you with the most attractive features like never before! We assure you of no hidden charges, all your unused envelopes will roll over to the next month to save money, 24x7 customer support, no fancy technical knowledge required, and blockchain security for all documents. You can also try out VeriDoc Sign by opting for our 10-day free trial. Introduce VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution in your workflow today and get improved productivity, increased efficiency, and 100% document transparency, from anywhere and at any time.