Settings Feature Tour

20 Feb 2024

You can access to your Membership and Payment Status, Remaining Envelopes, Account Details, Change Password, Update Profile Details and Organisation Details.

The Membership and Payment Status shows you the subscription plan that you have opted for, its status, and when is it going to expire. This gives you a full insight of your remaining subscription days, and when you need to renew your plan to continue enjoying VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution. Remaining Envelopes gives you an exact count of the number of envelopes you still have to use. Account Details lets you add or update any information about yourself to your VeriDoc Sign account. Your name, business details like company’s name, designation, and more. Change password section under My Accounts lets you to update/change your account password whenever required or needed. The entire process is very safe and fully secured. Update Profile Details allows you to add/change your personal details like name and contact information for your VeriDoc Sign account anytime you want. You can also ad, remove, or update company details as needed. Organisational Details section in your VeriDoc Sign account allows you to add/update, and/or remove organizational details like name, information, designation. This gives the other users a brief description of your profession and designation. VeriDoc Sign’s My Account gives you the option to create your profile the way you want. Sign up for VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution today and enjoy all its excellent offerings.