Electronic signatures are taking the world by storm but how do you know someone didn’t just photoshop a signature into a document?
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Why VeriDoc Sign?

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    With VeriDoc Sign:

You’re saving money, time and breathing a huge sigh of relief. No more guessing games – your documents are signed, verified and accessible. All from the palm of your hand.

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    Without VeriDoc Sign:

You’re lost in paperwork, slowing down your workflow and wondering where on earth you put your pen.

Signed documents, not sighs of frustration

Getting documents signed can be annoying

Even if you’re already doing it electronically. You spend all day asking yourself: Who’s seen it? Who’s got it? Who needs to sign it next? And once it’s signed, the trouble can start all over again. Changes get made. It might land in the wrong hands. Or someone’s signature doesn’t look quite right…

But signing is different with VeriDoc Sign.

  • Because it's a 100% secure eSignature solution built on blockchain technology. In simple terms? It means your signed documents can’t ever be tampered with.

  • Plus, you’ll know exactly where they are online, in real time – so you can securely close major deals without ever leaving your desk.

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Aren’t all eSignature solutions like this?

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  • Nope. Other electronically signed documents aren’t much more than a squiggly line on an official looking page.

  • The content can be easily changed or manipulated – after the signing part. But with VeriDoc Sign, your documents are completely tamper-proof.

  • There’s no place for false signatures or other-types of tinkering. And verifying your document is as simple as scanning a QR code.

VeriDoc Sign creates a smooth process for everyone involved

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Your clients, vendors and staff are busy. They don’t have time to print, sign, scan and email documents all day long. Or learn how to navigate complicated eSignature software.

But with VeriDoc Sign, you can have a contract signed, sealed and delivered in a few clicks. It’s fast, easy to pick up and has an intuitive interface anyone can figure out.

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No tricky tech

You don’t need to do a crash course in coding to ensure your documents are completely protected.

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Legally binding signatures

All your signatures generated through VeriDoc Sign are legally binding and recognised in a court of law.

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Total transparency

You’ll be able to see the entire history of your document – from the time it was sent right through to verification.

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Easy to use

Just upload your document, get it signed by all parties, click verify and that’s it. VeriDoc Sign handles the security part.

Saves you cash

You’re saving money on paper and ink (not to mention space in the filing cabinets).

Everyone can sign worry-free with VeriDoc Sign

Lawyers, accountants, medical professionals, builders, government departments, universities and training organisations have switched to VeriDoc Sign to shorten project timelines, digitise workflows, reduce their carbon footprint, save money and sign documents with confidence.

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