VeriDoc Sign has surpassed goals set out. Below is a brief outline of achievements to date and an indicator of what is to come.
  • Q32021

    JULY 2021

    VeriDoc Sign Launch

    AUG 2021

    Blockchain verification enabled for eSignatures

  • Q42021

    OCT 2021

    Access and role management for organisations

    OCT 2021

    New signer screen features and UI improvements

    NOV 2021

    Zoom in/out features added for document issuers and signers

    DEC 2021

    New drag and drop tool features (text fields, resize QR code, date formatting, fonts and sizes)

    DEC 2021

    Document support added for .DOCX and .DOC files

  • Q12022

    JAN 2022

    Automated onboarding of new accounts

    FEB 2022

    Subscription Management

    FEB 2022

    Integration with VeriDoc Ledger

    FEB 2022

    Updated verification results page with event tracking

    MAR 2022

    VeriDoc Locker integration for file management

  • Q42022

    Nov 2022

    VeriDoc Sign APIs MVP

    Dec 2022

    Document Preparation Tools 2.0 (Word to PDF convertor + Customise envelope default settings)

  • Q12023

    Mar 2023

    VeriDoc Sign API Integration (Beta) Launch

  • Q32023

    Q3 2023

    Template Builder 1.0

  • Q42023

    Q4 2023

    VeriDoc Sign API Integration 2.0 (Pre-filled template selection)

  • Q12024

    Q1 2024

    Address Book

  • Q32024

    Q3 2024

    Signer Profiles

  • Q42024

    Q4 2024

    Template Builder 2.0 (Bulk import feature)

  • Q22025

    Q2 2025

    Document Preparation Tools 3.0 (Expiry dates, scheduled auto-reminders, sign order, additional images support)

  • Q42025

    Q4 2025

    Document Signing Tools 2.0 (Decline/add attachments while signing)