A Beginner's Guide To Electronic Signature

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

We are excited to try newer ways to become more efficient and get more work done. With the introduction of various software solutions in today's market, undoubtedly, we are getting more productivity in less time. 

One such remarkable solution is electronic signatures. In no time, esign solutions have become one giant industry, thanks to the numerous benefits that businessmen and business owners can get from it.

VeriDoc Sign looks forward to introducing you to an efficient, paperless, and cost-effective future with a comprehensive guide to electronic signatures in this blog.

What Is An eSignature?

An electronic signature or an esign is data in electronic form. But, what does it exactly mean? According to recent studies, an electronic signature is legally an electronic sound, process, or symbol that is logically attached or associated with a record or contract. It is an efficient and fast method of entering into an electronic contract. 

Simply put, an eSign looks and acts the same for the user as a traditional "wet" signature. Even the consequences are similar to a paper signature; the only difference is that you don't need a pen. So, email copies can now replace the photocopies of signed documents on your desk. 

The next critical advantage of an eSign solution is its simplicity. It takes less time. Thus the cost is less, and the process more efficient.

What Are The Advantages Of eSignatures Over The Ones On Paper?

According to a study earlier, when HR sent out offer letters in the traditional way, it took them two weeks of printing and organizing. Also, a minimum 72 hours gap was normal between the time of sending out documents and receiving responses from people. 

However, the process took not more than 90 minutes to complete for an electronic offer letter. All the employees returned their offers within a day. This is how an eSign solution can make your work much easier and more productive. 

Let us look at some advantages of electronic signatures over "wet" signatures.

  • As mentioned earlier, eSignatures are so much faster. It also leaves less room for human errors. Now get more productive in less time than ever before!

  • It costs less. You do not need to spend on ink and paper anymore! There is a huge cost-saving when you switch to an eSign solution.

  • Going paperless with eSign helps you to cut down on printing ink, paper, packaging, postage, electricity, and even the gas for delivering it. So, it saves resources and reduces waste.

  • The process is mobile-friendly and flexible. So, you can complete your paperwork anywhere you want.

  • The documents are easily searchable. You can search, audit, and monitor the documents online anytime. Stop worrying about losing the critical documents among the files on your desk.

  • The laws on electronic signatures vary, but they are legally valid. An eSign holds the same importance as a wet one for vital contracts.

  • The process is modern. First impressions count, and a signature might be the first connection of your company with a client. You always want your company to look high-tech and sophisticated. Technology can help you get there and get more business done!

  • You can verify your documents, and it enables higher security. While signatures can be photoshopped, there's always a way to have document transparency when you go paperless.

eSignature tools make your life easy, more productive, and affordable. The only concern can be the validity. While signatures can be photoshopped, you can always check twice. So the next time you get an electronically signed document, make sure you take a minute and scan it with VeriDoc Sign.