Benefits Of eSignatures In The Education Sector

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

People working in education sectors are sometimes overburdened by time-consuming and tiresome paperwork. As a result, most academic institutions look for ways in which they can make their process more smooth. Nowadays, parents and children are becoming more technology savvy and looking forward to a completely new digitised experience. Parents no longer want to go to schools/colleges to sign their child’s important documents.

Numerous new technologies are emerging to streamline these processes. One such solution is VeriDoc Sign. VeriDoc Sign is an eSignature platform that has made the whole signing process easier. Important documents can now be safely sent to parents for signing. This has proven to be a productive method and time-saving.

How Can eSign Solutions Help In The Education Sector?

To assist you in making the best selection for your organisation, we've highlighted the advantages of an electronic signature app in the education sector.

Consent Forms Can Be Sent Online To Parents.

The days of parents anxiously seeking their children's permission slips at the last minute are long gone. Instead, schools can now use an electronic signature app to create digital consent forms for events such as field trips, museum trips, zoo visits, etc and email them to parents for signature. Because of this parents can sign the consent forms and send them back within seconds.

Smoothen Departmental Operations

Printing documents, storing them in folders, and signing them takes a lot of time. Electronic signatures assist schools in reducing paperwork in areas, including the processing of student applications and the onboarding of new students.

It also eliminates the hours that get wasted trying to locate old files and documents. Instead, it enables teachers to concentrate their efforts solely on what they do finest: teaching. Using electronic signatures in the education sector has proven to be extremely effective and productive.

Refine The Application Process For Students

Conventional, paper-based application processes for school admissions, fee collection, and event registration are time-consuming and inefficient. This is also not secure and can be easily tampered with. eSignature platforms like VeriDoc Sign showcases document transparency and is very secure. Employees, parents, and students may all sign papers digitally using such eSign services thus making the process fast and smooth. Once the document is sent for signing, the signers will get a notification mail. The places to be filled will be highlighted in the document itself. Even somebody who is not technologically savvy can use this eSignature platform.

Keep Documents Secured

Databases in educational institutions contain staff and student data and other important papers that must be kept safe from theft. Thanks to electronic digital signatures, these vital documents can be safely shared with the guardians when needed. Documents shared via eSignature platforms cannot be altered thus making them extremely secure. 

It Can Be Accessed By Mobile Phones

Nowadays, everybody wants an application that can be accessed even on the phone. VeriDoc Sign is one such eSignature platform that can be accessed from any device. It has a simple user experience and can be accessed by any device.

Thanks to the eSignature platform like VeriDoc Sign, users will now be able to connect with the administration of institutions using their cellphones easily.

Educational institutions are starting to embrace eSign solutions like VeriDoc Sign and use various digital resources in the classroom. VeriDoc Sign uses a blockchain-secured patented technology that helps you verify all documents quickly yet accurately. With eSignatures, everything, including class enrollment to migrations certificates, student onboarding, scholarship documents, school applications, teacher recruiting details, and other important operations, will be solved, paving the way for the entire education system to be improved.