Benefits of eSigning Documents Online For Accountants

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Thanks to the introduction of efficient, paperless, and cost-effective eSign solutions, accounting firms can now sign a document online. It will allow them to be more productive, save time and make their work easy.

The accounting department handles a massive amount of paperwork. There are several transactions that they do daily. To make their day-to-day life easy, VeriDoc Sign has introduced an efficient and cost-effective eSign solution that will make the life of accountants easier and more productive. So, let us understand the different benefits of eSignature for accountants in this blog.  

Learn The Benefits Of Esignature For Accountants

One of the advantages that an eSign solution like VeriDoc Sign will provide accountants is smooth signing and storing of important documents. However, it is also essential to highlight that it is important to maintain sensitive records securely.

Let us take a look at the advantages of the eSign solution for accountants:

  1. It Is Time-Saving: Time is money in the accounting world. Accountants, especially those looking after taxes, always try to match deadlines. When deadlines are missed, it can result in significant penalties and costs. Electronic signatures allow accountants to complete paperwork for their clients faster than ever before.

  2. It Is More Convenient: Accountants and their clients are busy people, and the last thing they would like to deal with is messy paperwork that takes up their valuable time. Fortunately, electronic signatures like VeriDoc Sign allow documents to be signed in a few minutes from anywhere.

  3. It Is More Secure: Information like personal details, bank account numbers and other vital information is included in accounting papers. When conventional paper records are utilised, there is always the risk of being lost, stolen, or even tempered.

But with the VeriDoc Sign eSign solution, the accountant can modify access to the documents. They can send the documents in private mode so that only the assigner signer can view or sign the papers. This makes the whole process more secure, transparent and efficient.

  1. It Makes People More Productive: Signing documents on paper takes a lot of time and gets messy when there are bulk documents. Using VeriDoc Sign to sign documents will increase productivity and make you more efficient in your day-to-day work.

  2. eSign Solution Helps Team Work Faster: When many departments or individuals work on a client's requirement or documentation, electronic signature services streamline and improve the process and allow documents to be forwarded and quickly signed among clients and employees.

  3. It Improves Perfection And Reduces Error: A huge risk is involved when you sign on paper using a pen. If you make any error in writing the date or sign on the wrong page, there is no way you can change it or redo it. Accountants cannot risk making errors as one mistake can lead to huge money loss. An electronic signature platform like VeriDoc Sign promotes greater efficiency and reduces human error. You can place your signature correctly on the document. Also, you can increase the size of your signature the way you want.

  4. It Is Cost-Effective: Electronic signatures are less expensive than pen-and-ink signatures. There is a huge amount of money spent on printing and storing documents. All that cost is saved when you switch to VeriDoc Sign. It comes with cost-effective pricing plans designed to fit everybody’s budget.

By switching to an eSignature solution, you can focus on acquiring and retaining new clients. In addition, VeriDoc Sign can handle all of your eSignature requirements. Begin your free 10-day trial of the VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution right now. Visit our website to get started.