Benefits Of Signing Documents Online For Medical Professional

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Do you realise that medical professionals spend most of their time signing documents offline? They have been burdened with increasing patients, insufficient medical facilities, and difficulties documenting and retaining data. As a result, this takes a lot of their time and reduces productivity.

Electronic signatures like VeriDoc Sign have greatly helped medical professionals in becoming more productive. The documents can be electronically signed on any device and sent across safely. eSignatures are not only secure and promote document transparency but are also time-saving.

Electronic Signature Helps To Sign Documents Online Easily In Healthcare.

1. Avoid Face-To-Face Interaction By Enabling Digital Form Signing

COVID has established a new benchmark for hygienic protocols and remote work. The capacity to decrease interaction and do work from a safe distance will be essential both now and in the future.

Coworkers can eSign on papers from anywhere due to the introduction of electronic signatures. Removing hard-copy documents decreases contact and saves time. In addition, it eliminates this need for face-to-face signature collection and the whole process can be done easily online.

2. Saves A Lot Of Money And Time

Compared to traditional paperwork methods, it is evident that electronic signature saves time. In addition, these require less manual signing and work consistently to assist health professionals.

However, the digital signature system also saves a lot of money. Consider the labour, storage space, and processing cost you will save over time when using eSignatures. This enables a productive workflow. 

3. Protected Medical Data Access

It is critical in medical emergencies to have easy access to medical records. Electronically signed documents may be readily and securely transferred among medical professionals, providing access to essential health records when required.

People today can sign medical applications and registration papers from the convenience of a patient's home, and reports can be delivered electronically to everyone in seconds.

4. Elimination Of Delays

The old paper-based technique has significant obstacles. The patient must first sign on paper. Then, the doctor may be required to hand over the document to his admin staff. Secondly, postal services will be required to exchange documents with other providers. Thirdly, administrative workers are in charge of document scanning, storage, and retrieval. Furthermore, if multiple people were necessary to analyse or sign off on a particular paper, the process is time-consuming. The whole process becomes tedious. To make this process smoother, an eSignature platform like VeriDoc Sign has been introduced to make the process faster and more productive.

Electronically signed documents can be written, stored, and sent in minutes and do not require the document to be physically moved from one location to another. 

VeriDoc Sign is an eSignature platform taking significant steps to simplify the whole eSign process in the healthcare industry. VeriDoc Sign comes with a 10-day free trial and is globally accepted legally. Additionally, you can access VeriDoc Sign from any device. It is highly secure with blockchain technology and shows document transparency. If you are a healthcare provider interested in using electronic signatures, please contact us; we would be happy to tell you more.