Benefits Of Using An Electronic Signature Solution For School Documentation Process.

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

About 69% of school teachers agree that paperwork takes up a significant amount of time at work. They often lose out on their duty. This ends up decreasing the productivity and efficiency of teachers and staff members.

With the number of schools across the world, we should already have a great solution to this issue by now.

But did you know that most educational institutes continue using paper-based documentation systems even today? This approach requires every staff to focus on manual files. They also have to send documents to other signers. We can all agree that signing a vast amount of papers every day is not an easy task.

So in this blog, VeriDoc Sign explores the different possibilities of electronic signature solutions in the documentation process of schools.

Benefits Of Using An Electronic Signature Solution For The School Documentation Process

  • Electronic Signatures Keep Your Information Secure Along With The Documents.

The paperwork that a school generates for documentation is confidential. You can not afford to lose it. You can not tamper with it either. So, with an electronic signature, you are assured of security. If you assure safety, these documents can be sent to the parents securely, whenever you want and they will remain private. 

Electronic signature solutions even provide audit trails for every document. This trail allows the teachers to verify every signer's identity. You can also keep track of the time of the sign. 

Consider the situation when you create a document, then fax or post it. How safe is that? Also, the process is unbearably long and tedious. An electronic signature makes the process more reliable, efficient, and super fast. 

  • Electronic Signature Streamlines Operations Across All The Departments.

In the education sector, paperwork can be super time-consuming. These processes are costly and hard to track. Every operation needs documentation, and if they keep relying on traditional ways, the educational institutes will lose time, resources, and a lot of money.

Electronic signatures are an excellent way for schools to cut down on paperwork in multiple areas of operation. The process starts with managing the student applications and continues with the onboarding of new students. 

Thus, it takes hours and hours of extra effort for the staff. In addition, they spend most of their time trying to retrieve some old files that got lost before. When you focus on more productive ways, the teachers can focus on their duty or what they do best, i.e., teach.

  • You Can Now Send Permission Slips Digitally.

Parents do not need to search for their kids' permission slips anymore. You can now create digital permission slips in an educational institute if you have an electronic signature solution. You can even create and send over documents for events like field trips or excursions. 

Once you complete the process, you can send these documents to the parents for signature or approval via email. So, you can now help parents seal the deal with a routine task within seconds. Do you know one of the most popular use cases for electronic signatures? It is among the parents of school-going children to sign permission slips quickly.

The broad scope of the electronic documents is that their benefits do not end with permission slips. Electronic signature software simplifies the approval process for parents. They can now approve classroom attendance records, sign financial aid applications, and more such uses. In conclusion, eSignature solutions allow parents and teachers to stay in close contact and interact transparently without boundaries.

VeriDoc Sign introduces the best eSignature solution for educational institutions to help teachers, staff, students, and parents communicate important documents with each other without any trouble. We promise to simplify the workflow by providing secure document signing and storage. Try VeriDoc Sign today for increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and better time management.