Blockchain Verification Enabled For eSignatures

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

The world is becoming more technologically advanced, and the demand for technology is increasing each year. As a result, electronic signatures have surpassed traditional signing methods.

Nowadays, we keep hearing the word "Blockchain'' very often. By using modern technologies such as Blockchain, eSignatures are becoming more secure. Blockchain, when implemented in electronic signatures, helps to secure your document. It makes it tamper-proof and cannot be altered once the document is stored in Blockchain. Each VeriDoc Sign document comes with a unique ID that protects its authenticity. 

So why is VeriDoc Sign efficient, secure and productive? At VeriDoc Sign, creating envelopes is so easy that it saves time and makes your workflow productive. Once you have completed creating your envelope and sent it for signing, there is no way you can edit the documents. This ensures security and document transparency with VeriDoc Sign's verification process.

Veridoc Sign Enables Document Transparency And Is A Secured Platform

When you create an envelope on VeriDoc Sign, you get an option to add a secured QR code to the document. You can add this QR code to any preferable area of your document. However, we recommend placing the QR code near the top of the first page so that it's easy to locate for anyone who wants to verify the contents and eSignatures in the document.

Upon scanning this QR code, one can see the document details, i.e., the issuer's details and the date and time it was created and signed. In addition, one can also see the blockchain transaction ID and the Unique hash value (UHV), which is unique for every document created. You can also view the timestamps of when the email was sent, the signers signed the document, and when the envelope was closed.  

If you want to view the transaction details, then click on the "Verify on VeriDoc Ledger" option you see upon scanning the QR code. You will be redirected to a page where you can view all the transaction details, i.e., unique hash value/Meta Data, transaction details, timestamp, etc.

At VeriDoc Sign, we recognize Blockchain as the right choice. eSignatures are becoming increasingly popular on the internet as more people accept them. Blockchain is a foundation for the future of electronic signatures by making them secure and unique. Each Blockchain verified document comes with a unique QR code and a unique hash value that makes them different from one another. 

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