Can eSignatures Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Consider the volumes of documents, offer letters and contracts that a hiring officer needs to manage. Even then, we forgot about the candidate profile forms! The list of records does not end, and the solution also seems impossible. What if I say that one key can change your life? 

A legally binding electronic signature solution can save you from wasting time unnecessarily and make you more productive. An electronic signature helps not only the employer but also the employee. Recruitment agencies can reduce the turnaround time for the documents and make the process smoother and more efficient. Also, it can help recruiters manage the documents better when it needs more than one signature. 

VeriDoc Sign agrees that an electronic signature solution can help change the recruitment process in a good way, increase your workflow's productivity, and enable document transparency. So, in this blog, VeriDoc Sign discusses the importance of eSignatures in recruitment.

So, How Can eSignatures Speed Up Your Recruitment Process?

You do not want to lose your mind managing all these documents yourself. But you must ensure that all those important documents are instantly sent, tracked, delivered, and returned. Is there a better option than e-signatures in that case?

  • Manage Timesheets Easily. 

When you use a timesheet, you need to get it signed by multiple signers. Then, you fax the papers to deliver them. Think about the hours you lose when you make rounds from one signee to another. Consider the extra effort too!

Companies have switched to online timesheets now. But you still need the signatures if you want to complete the transaction. Electronic signatures can make it fast, easy, and productive.

  • Access The Sheets Of Agency Terms And Conditions Easily.

Some of the most tiring jobs are printing, managing, signing, sending, and getting back sheets of agency terms and conditions. For example, say you want to recruit a new employee. Even if you email him the papers, he must print, scan, sign, and then mail that back. We call this process "hustling uselessly in the age of technology."

We all are looking for more productive and imaginative alternatives to complicated jobs. And eSignatures are the ones for you here. You can complete the procedure within a few hours of recruitment and get going with your next task. Yes, it is that easy.

  • An eSignature Ensures Accuracy.

Adopting an eSignature system in your recruitment process provides consistency and minimises mistakes. When you hire new employees, managers hand over piles of paperwork, and you always need to get it correct. 

While you might be great at it, you still want a more dependable and fast solution. 

Adopting eSignatures makes it impossible for you to miss out on anything as there are fewer stakeholders involved. Therefore, there is a lesser chance for you to lose the papers as well.

Should You Switch To Electronic Signature Software Then?

Technology helps you automate a process, be more productive and stand out from the crowd. If you want the best recruits for your organisation, adapting to technology can help you do that. eSignatures are always the first choice at places where we are concerned with legal documents, and you should not miss out. So, get innovative, secure, and productive with cost-efficient eSignatures like VeriDoc Sign. Get in touch with us today.