Electronic Signatures And Blockchain Work Together. How?

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Today blockchain is one of the most important technologies behind the most successful digital solutions. With each passing day, blockchain-based solutions come up with newer use cases that ensure greater productivity, security, and smoother workflow. 

One such use case of blockchain technology is in eSignature solutions. It presents you with a system that helps you with authentication and unchangeable data copies. You can secure any transactions now. And electronic signatures need verification too. 

For some time now, electronic signatures have been getting more than just popular. They save you time, money, and resources, alongside increasing your security. While this sounds unbelievable, this is just the start. The questions arise as time goes by. One of the most critical questions is how to ensure the signature is authentic and not photoshopped. These are serious concerns that we must address.

VeriDoc Sign addresses these concerns in this blog, so you know how electronic signatures and blockchain work together.

How Do Electronic Signatures And Blockchain Work Together?

In the traditional way of documentation, you have to type it first ( in most cases), then print it, scan it, send it to the signer through someone, and wait for it to come back signed. What if it gets lost or someone tampers it? 

Some time back, businesses started shifting their focus to efficiency but the documentation was not left out. Electronic signatures made it faster and less costly. Again, there remained the question of security. While the odds of losing a document became nil, how do you know if a signature is authentic? Someone can easily photoshop a signature. 

Here, blockchain steps in. The transaction is secure and transparent when you use blockchain-based esignature solutions. You can trace the data as it is shared across a network. Once you carry on a transaction, the data can not be changed or tampered with. Automatically, productivity increases, and you can verify any document much more easily now.

How Can Blockchain Help?

  • Decentralized Ledger

There is no central power that looks over the system. Blockchain is the ledger. Every document is maintained in a decentralized manner.

  • Cryptography

We talked about losing and stealing data. Blockchain uses encryption that authenticates every transaction.

  • Immutable Nature

Once you complete a transaction using blockchain, you can never change it. The question of someone else tampering with your information is nothing but a bluff.

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