How Does VeriDoc Sign Work?

15 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signatures are taking over the world of documentation to make it easy, quick, and more productive. Every business wants to be more efficient, and electronic signatures can help you streamline workflows. If you delay adopting this solution, you are just losing out. While we agree on its benefits, how do you know if your electronic signature solution is right for you? 

VeriDoc Sign takes care of your document's security and makes the process easy, cost-efficient, and blockchain-secured. But how? In this blog, VeriDoc Sign introduces its working process, so you know how easy it is to get done with documentation using VeriDoc Sign.

A Step-By-Step Process Of How VeriDoc Sign Works

  • Start With An Easy & Free Sign Up

Signing up is easy with VeriDoc Sign. By clicking on "Try It Now," you can start the process. A signup page appears. Fill out the form with your first name, phone number, company details, etc. Once you fill-up the details, click on “Continue”.

  • Set Up Your Account

VeriDoc Sign sets up your account and emails you your account information. Check your mail and note down the email and password. You can update your password when you log in to your VeriDoc Sign. But first, use the details sent to you via your mail to log in to your VeriDoc Sign account securely.

VeriDoc Sign sends you a one-time password (OTP) to your registered email to secure your account. This step ensures you with two-factor authentication. Enter the OTP to log in. Your account is finally created. You can now use the VeriDoc Sign software which makes document/s signing simple and user-friendly. 

Note: You can send documents to signers who do not have a VeriDoc Sign account. You only need an account if you are the envelope creator.

  • Access Your Admin Dashboard Now

The admin dashboard presents you with all the information you can access after logging in. You can manage users, scan your dashboard, and create a new envelope from scratch. From this dashboard, you can also check the blockchain status, the document name, type, creator name, the date you created the envelope, sign status, management status, and action. 

  • Manage User

You can click the "manage user" option in the top right corner to access the user's information. The dashboard offers you the User ID and the name of the user. It further reveals the user type, email, envelopes used, date when you created the envelope, status, and action. You can access the information or add a new user by clicking on the "create new" option. 

  • Create A New Envelope

Now that you have your account, you can create a new envelope. Click on "new envelope" to start the process. A form appears. The first section asks you if the document is public or private. Choose the right option to get going.

Note: The ability to create public or private documents in VeriDoc Sign is one of the most crucial features of this platform. Anyone can scan the QR code in a public record to verify its authenticity. However, in a private document, the envelope creator manages access to their document with the list of viewers. If you want to scan the QR code of a private document or access the results page, you need to enter your email address and the OTP you get.

The next step is to upload the document and add signers and viewers who can access it. (Note that all signers would have viewer access by default.) So, add the name, email, and role (signer or viewer) to get going. You can also add a personal note for the signer or viewer. 

Note: You can add a custom note to all the signers and viewers before clicking next.

Click next to move on to the next page. A page with options to drag and drop the QR code, signature, date, etc., appears. Drag the required sections of the document to complete the creation of your envelope. After finishing, click on next. 

  • Send The Envelope To The Signers And Viewers

VeriDoc Sign sends the email to all its signers. You can now relax and visit the main dashboard to view the status updates. Unless all the signers sign your document, you get a pending status. You can, however, manage the document's status using the "manage access." 

  • Easy Documentation With VeriDoc Sign

After the signer signs the document, the dashboard updates itself. The sign status would change to complete, and you get two ticks under the blockchain status. You can download, share, and copy the link to the document using the three symbols below the "action" section. 

As you can understand through the process, VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured solution. So, you do not need to worry about the document's security. When the signer signs electronically, the metadata along with the event's name, date, and time gets recorded on the blockchain. You can verify them against the timestamps as well. As the parties sign, a unique digital fingerprint is processed. It is called a unique hash value. This makes your document indestructible, authentic, and transparent.

Verify Your Documents With VeriDoc Sign And Ensure Better Security

Electronic signatures, in every way, make life easier for you and your employees. Think about the work that goes into scanning, printing, delivering, and waiting for the document. What if it's urgent? The only problem with esignature is its security. What if it's photoshopped? How can you present the proof to its security? 

VeriDoc Sign takes care of that. Being blockchain-secured, it can help you quickly verify the document and ensure document transparency. VeriDoc Sign is the world's first blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the ten-day free trial now!