How Is VeriDoc Sign More Cost-Efficient Than Other Electronic Signature Solutions?

18 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign


Switching to more intelligent technologies makes your workflows more productive. We have experienced a surge in investments in technology businesses; to be fair, it often makes sense. Productive workflows disrupt inefficiencies, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. And technology is always a way to be more efficient. Similarly, electronic signatures are technologies adopted to make the documentation process smoother. 

But, adopting new technologies adds to the expense further. Right? That is not always true! So, VeriDoc Sign introduces its pricing model in this blog and busts the myth of expensive technological switches.

How Does VeriDoc Sign's Pricing Model Work?

The VeriDoc Sign has four different monthly plans. An introduction to the pricing will help you understand the cost-effective nature of VeriDoc Sign. So, in this section, let us discuss the pricing structure presented to you by VeriDoc Sign.

  • Free Trial

Adopting a new electronic signature solution is a commitment too. You can get a new service and then find out that it does not work for you. VeriDoc Sign does not pressure you to choose the right solution without trying it. The worry about buying an average solution and then remaining stuck with it for a month should not bother your business.

So, VeriDoc Sign presents you with a ten-day free trial plan for 0$ USD. This plan includes a maximum of 10 envelopes. Note that VeriDoc Sign makes document signing simple for the users. So, only the envelope creator needs a VeriDoc Sign account to prepare the document they want to send. 

  • Standard Plan

The standard plan charges you 30$ USD per month. As soon as you buy the subscription, VeriDoc Sign adds 20 envelopes to your balance. You can complete the documentation process of up to 20 envelopes as an envelope creator. Note that the unused envelopes do not go to waste. If you do not use an envelope, they get rolled over to the following month. 

  • Pro Plan

The pro plan can charge you around 100$ USD per month. VeriDoc Sign adds 75 new envelopes to your monthly balance as you purchase the subscription. So, you can complete the documentation for 75 envelopes with this plan. Again, the unused envelopes roll over to the next month.

  • Advanced Plan

If you are an organization that needs eSignature services in bulk just once or even twice a year, you might want a customized plan for yourself. You can schedule a call and discuss the annual pricing or the prepaid option with the team to get going. 

The pricing structure is designed to make our solutions both productive and cost-effective for you. But how? Let us compare different pricing scenarios to understand VeriDoc Sign's benefits better.

How Is VeriDoc Sign More Cost-Efficient Than Other Electronic Signature Solutions Available?

Every solution strives to be better than the other one. Most platforms make promises of being more cost-efficient as well. Then, how is VeriDoc Sign different? The most crucial difference is the accessible features that make the claims accurate. 

  • You do not lose unused envelopes. VeriDoc Sign rolls them over to the next month. 

Say you buy the standard plan that presents you with 20 envelopes a month. Now, it is the end of the month, and you still have a few unused envelopes left. Most electronic signature platforms would forget about them and move on with the new month. This way, you waste the envelope and fail to use the plan entirely.  

VeriDoc Sign keeps track of unused envelopes and rolls them over to the next month. So you can use the unused envelopes and not lose anything. You can make the best use of the plan and be more productive than ever. 

  • VeriDoc Sign charges per envelope, not per user. 

You need a VeriDoc Sign account only if you are creating envelopes. You are charged per envelope and not per user. Let us understand this scenario better. 

Say you are an organization with 1000 employees. If you purchase a plan that charges per user, you need to pay for 1000 of them in one go. This per-user plan is not sustainable and productive. However, when you go for a per-envelope plan, only the head of the teams would need to create an account on 

VeriDoc Sign and pay for it to complete and monitor the documentation process. It is more cost-effective, more efficient, and practical. Note that all our plans include unlimited users.

If I have 100 employees what would my first document cost me?


 Comp AComp BVeriDoc Sign
User Cost$10 per month$8 per month$0 per month
First Envelope$4$2.80$1.49
My first envelope monthly cost$1004$802.80$1.49

  • You do not need to add personal details for a free trial.

VeriDoc Sign does not look for long-term commitments if you are not ready for them. By that, we mean you do not need to add any personal details for the free trial. You can just sign up and create an account to get going. It is that easy.

Ensure Document Transparency With VeriDoc Sign Now!

VeriDoc Sign is the world's first blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. This ensures document transparency and makes your workflows more productive than ever. The blog explained how cost-efficient this solution could be, and you should not wait anymore. Sign up for a ten-day free trial now!