How To Sign Using An Electronic Signature Solutions?

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

If you are a professional, you must have signed using electronic signatures once in your lifetime. Electronic signatures are a lifesaver in today’s stressful workflow. In an organisation, everyone has their individual target, group target, and also overall target of the company. With no time to waste anymore, esignature solutions can hike your productivity and lower the time taken like never before. 

Though electronic signatures are accepted and valid in most cases, there are certain restrictions. We will grow only by evolving with new technologies. But, to use them effectively, we have to be aware of what they are and how they are used. 

In this blog, let us talk about the various uses of electronic signatures and how to sign properly using electronic signature software.

Difference Between Legal Documents

You can divide a contractual document into two categories broadly. They are agreements and deeds. 

Deeds are majorly used for essential contractual relations. In these contracts, a person often agrees independently. They do not even receive any consideration for their obligations. 

Some examples of a deed are confidentiality agreements, settlement disputes deeds, etc. 

During execution, you need to look for two critical requirements:

  • You must have someone to witness a deed. When we mention witnessing, someone has to be present physically when the deed is signed.

  • You must print a deed on paper. If you store a deed in the form of a digital signature, it would not be valid.

Another category of a contractual document is an agreement. This includes all the documents that enter into the legal relationships between parties. In this case, the mandatory formalities of a deed do not apply. 

Although the agreement has better flexibility than a deed during execution, specific terms and conditions exclusively apply to an agreement.

For an agreement, you can use electronic signatures. It provides extra security when you execute the signature using the best electronic signature solution. But document transparency is essential. If questioned, you should be able to present all the information stored by the software.

How To Sign Using An Electronic Signature?

There is an essential point that we need to note. Your ability to sign the document electronically does not depend on the reliability of the signature. It depends on whether or not the two or more signing parties agree on it. Once they ensure the execution process clearly, no one has to worry about the disputes anymore. 

Using electronic signatures is getting more and more popular these days. If you look for it, you will come across hundreds of service providers competing against each other to stand out as the betterelectronic signature software. You can quickly check their features, ensure their security and then go for it. Choose the method that you want to use during execution. Once you sign, you will get a digital certificate that ensures that you have completed the procedure. 

When you choose to sign something electronically, you should always consider the intention of a signer. No matter which method you select, a paperless future is a way to go. To contribute towards a greener future you need to know how an electronic signature works. So the next time you go for an electronic solution, you know what you are signing up for.