Impact Of Electronic Signatures In A Construction Company

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Building a construction business is not just about trust, but also about a clear agreement. With the term agreement, you associate security and confidentiality. You can only meet expectations if you keep the terms in black and white. But is gaining trust that easy? How secure is a wet signature? Is an electronic signature more secure then?

VeriDoc Sign introduces you to the reasons why an electronic signature adds weight and impacts the construction industry with its security terms and conditions.

Impact Of An Electronic Signature On A Construction Company

  • Your Company Would Be Saving Money And The Environment

We all agree that paper is getting more and more expensive. Studies report that an average office worker produces around 10,000 copies of the paper, thanks to lengthy documentation processes. 

Let us turn back in time and think about the documentation process in the office. The hassle starts with delivery, storage space, photocopying, printing, and scanning and ends with disposal. 

These are some of the minor elements of having a paper-based business that ultimately stacks up in dollars spent. Even electronic fax solutions can cut out only one side of the paper issue as they are usually sent to traditional fax machines, and mostly ends up getting printed anyway.

Adopting an eSignature solution can change this cycle of producing waste and disposing of it at an alarming rate. Not just that, digital tools like eSign software has a lot of other benefits that can add to increasing productivity, providing document transparency, reducing waste, and cutting costs in day-to-day professional activities. 

  • You Can Store Contracts Safely With Electronic Signature Solutions

Electronic signature software provides the user with an efficient, secure, and easy way to view, manage and store all their documents without even being present there. You can even access real-time data from one central location. It also ensures that no one can steal or tamper with your data in any way.

You can view the status of any document anytime you want. You can store your signed copies and access them directly on the electronic signature dashboard. 

eSign solutions also provide users with the right with who they can share important documents, this adds an extra security layer to the process. You can also share them easily with key individuals via email. When you need it, you can download the documents and store each one of them in your organization’s cloud.

  • Electronic Signatures Guarantee Confidentiality

You must be thinking all of these features sound good but what about confidentiality? Documents are important and need to be secure. We agree! So, let us consider this situation. We print paper, collect them, deliver them to its signers and then ensure its safe storage. 

Even during storage, anyone can come tamper with the documents or they can easily get lost. Electronic signatures are way more secure than wet signatures. But why? The answer is quite simple. When you send the document, you have a digital track of them. Many eSign solutions also provide timestamps of events that results in document transparency. This way you can track everything happening to the document - when someone is viewing it, signing it, or trying to get access. 

Your documents can be in motion or simply can be stored before a transaction. No matter what, no one can read any of your documents except the recipient you intend to send them or the individuals who you have given direct access, not even the eSignature software team.

Electronic signature solutions allow you to collect signatures electronically. These signatures are legally binding. Also, every signature you collect holds essential information about the IP address you collected it on, the timestamp of the signature that illustrates the time when you managed it, and a valid email address that belongs to the signee. Does this sound good to you? If so, then head over to VeriDoc Sign and check out our attractive eSignature software that will make managing vital documents more efficient, faster, and affordable in no time at all.