Implementation Of eSignatures In Sales Department

26 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Sign

The advancement in technology is happening. And we have already begun to see how this revolution is taking shape in a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc. However, organisations must first provide their sales teams with the appropriate tools to increase productivity, be more efficient and take less time.

According to a recent study, sales teams spend approximately 39% of their time closing deals and in administrative paperwork. This is where the lack of productivity comes into play. The manual contract signing process takes a lot of time and effort. To simplify the process and increase productivity, eSignature solutions are gaining popularity these days.

How Can eSignatures Help The Sales Team Be More Productive?

Sales teams can prevent disruption in workflow caused by physical paperwork and improve their company's ROI by implementing a digital signature system. Let us look at how eSignatures can boost your sales team's productivity and benefit your core business.

More transparency and fewer mistakes

To begin with, with so much paperwork everywhere, sales managers frequently encounter misfiling or missing documents. Obtaining and keeping document transparency into the status of sales contracts becomes a challenge for sales guys.

However, VeriDoc Sign lessens this burden, allowing employees to close deals faster and provide a better user experience to their clientele.

Increased Productivity of the Sales Team

The whole process of printing agreements, mailing them to the clients/customers and then waiting for days to receive the signed copy is time taking. But with eSignature, this whole process can be completed within a day's time.  With the help of VeriDoc Sign, you can track the progress of the document being sent. Signing a document online can minimise substantially manual labour and increase productivity.

As a result, salespeople save a significant amount of time for other opportunities, such as generating new leads, nurturing prospects, and building client relationships.

Cost savings

When businesses use electronic signature apps, they save money on papers, ink, printing, scanning, and shipment. Furthermore, organisations can save time on lost documents, filing and keeping paper records, etc. eSigns are less expensive than traditional pen and paper methods. VeriDoc Sign comes with cost-effective plans to choose from. You can first sign up for the free 10 days trial period. Later on, you can extend your plans by choosing from Standard, Pro and Advanced plans depending on your requirements.

Fast Turn-Around-Time

The ease of use of eSignatures allows for a considerably faster turnaround. Using an eSignature platform allows your sales team to do business faster. Furthermore, faster turnarounds increase your company's visibility in tight deadline situations where everyone can sign within minutes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

To provide a better client experience, sales teams must demonstrate speed and efficiency. Digitisation using eSignatures can help you shorten your sales cycle, improve customer experience, and accurately target consumer needs. Furthermore, adopting an eSignature solution like VeriDoc Sign would allow your clients or customers to sign papers from wherever they are. As a result, locations and geographical limits are no longer relevant because one can sign from anywhere in the world.

You now understand how an esignature platform like VeriDoc Sign will improve organisational productivity, performance and efficiency. But, if you're still utilising traditional pen and paper signing methods, don't worry; it's not too late! With VeriDoc Sign, we can assist you in making the transition to a secure eSignature solution. There is no need to wait any longer. It's time to stay ahead of the game and concentrate on your work.