Integration With VeriDoc Ledger

26 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Every organization wants a solution that is secure, cannot be tampered and can also make the whole workflow more productive. Unlike other eSignature solutions present in the market, VeriDoc Sign provides all of these features at a cost-effective price range. What makes VeriDoc Sign so secure? Let us understand that.

VeriDoc Sign is known to provide document transparency.  After you have completed the login process on the VeriDoc Sign, you can create an envelope on it. Once you click on the ‘create new envelope’ option, you can get an option to ‘upload document’. 

You upload the document that you want to send forward to the signers. Any document that has been uploaded on VeriDoc Sign, which is further sent for signing, gets uploaded to the ‘VeriDoc Ledger’. VeriDoc Ledger has secured cloud storage of VeriDoc Sign where all your documents are saved. 

Each document you upload gets a ‘Unique Hash Value’ which is unique to each document. A unique Hash Value (UHV) is like a unique fingerprint to the document. When ‘Unique Hash Value’ is placed into blockchain transactions, it makes it a decentralized transaction which means nobody can change it. This makes VeriDoc Sign such a secure eSignature platform for everybody.

When you upload the document on VeriDoc Sign, you get an option of ‘Adding Secured QR Code’ on the document. VeriDoc Sign takes the UHV and uses the last character to create the QR code. All the documents you send for signing will have a QR code on them which makes them ‘unique’ from one another. 

Upon scanning this QR code, if the document is ‘private’, the signer has to enter their email address and captcha to request OTP. Then, check the email inbox for the OTP. Copy the OTP, enter the captcha, and submit. Upon successful completion, the document will be verified successfully. 

If the document is ‘public’ then the signer need not have to request OTP. Once the signer scans the QR code, upon successful verification, a ‘green tick’ will appear stating that the ‘verification was successful.

Once the verification is successful, you can document the details. Underneath the ‘document details’ option, click on the option that says ‘Verify on VeriDoc Ledger’. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the page that will show you the transaction details and Unique Hash Value. VeriDoc Sign believes in document transparency and you will be provided with all the details and authenticity of the document by scanning the QR code. 

The VeriDoc Sign platform is extremely cost-effective. Sign up for a 10 days free trial today and make your workflow more efficient and productive. Contact VeriDoc Sign 24x7 customer support for any queries.