Introduction Of Electronic Signatures In The Tax Industry

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Are you a part of the tax industry? Whether the answer counts as yes or no, you must agree that a tax preparer's job is never easy. Keeping an account of returns for every client is tiring. It is so important for them to keep track of every small document or receipt from their clients. Having documents tampered with or lost is never an option. 

Your busiest work period can become less hectic with the proper planning, groundwork, and digital tools. Electronic signatures can act as one of those life-saving tools now. eSignature solutions can smoothen your workflow, increase productivity, and make your everyday job easier. Not just that, it also ensures document transparency and security for years to come.

So, in this blog, VeriDoc Sign explains how electronic signatures simplify the tax preparer's work.

  • Electronic Signatures Help You Store Tax Forms, Support Essential Documents, And Get Returns On The Cloud. 

Tax preparers take up responsibility for vast amounts of paperwork. They get piles of paperwork from the client. So, they need to keep track of every sheet. These sheets are then stored for the long term, so it needs to be secure. This is because they can receive an audit trail request at any time without much preparation time. 

You lose money when you follow the traditional way and store physical copies of these documents. So, this is not a scalable option. In addition, you have to deal with the threat of information leakage, damage, or tampering. 

A set of miscalculated records can even prevent the clients from capitalizing on specific deductions. This is why you should look for a cloud-based solution or electronic signature software.

When the tax preparer firms are small or medium-sized, they mix up clients from different industries. So a good rule of thumb is that you can start to specialize in one sector first. This flexibility helps you improve your understanding of tax laws in that particular sector. 

The more you excel in one field, the easier it will be to serve the clients from that sector. For example, consider the busy season. When you get ready to scale, you can also branch out into other industries.

  • An eSignature Solution Can Make Tax Preparer Jobs Virtual And Flexible.

Once a client fills out his tax, you can first sign them yourself before sending them over to the client for their signature. Consider the pre-COVID era. Then, the standard practice was to print the documents, scan them, and courier these documents. You could also deliver these documents through people. But imagine how tedious the job was back then. 

However, today, eSignatures are a popular option in every industry. The tax industry also uses it to make tax return paperwork simpler and touch-free. Electronic signatures help you save time and money when considering an outdated process. It is high time you get smarter and focus on what is essential and leave out paperwork to eSignature solutions.

  • Secure Essential Documents With Electronic Signatures.

In the case of a tax firm, you, as the owner, are making the switch to eSignatures, what should you keep in mind? It is essential that you choose secured electronic signature software. Do you know that one in every fifteen people fall victim to theft regarding tax-related issues? So, choose an electronic signature solution that keeps your client's data safe. 

To seal the deal, verify important tax documents with VeriDoc sign eSignature solution. VeriDoc sign uses blockchain-secured VeriDoc Global's own patented verification technology. It assures you security, increased productivity, and lesser paperwork at a very affordable rate. So, why wait? Get going and opt for the 10-day free trial now!