Must Have Features Of Electronic Signatures

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signatures, often known as eSignatures, are gradually replacing ink signatures. They not only save money and effort, but they also produce less waste and are more transparent and secure.

For years, people have used "wet" signatures. Traditional signatures are rapidly becoming obsolete as new technology realigns our society. New methods of signing are easier and simpler to use. Because eSignatures are the option that individuals and organisations are choosing nowadays, you must understand their features and how they function.

List Of Best Electronic Signature Features That Makes You More Productive

Agreements, contracts, and documents are required in all industries. Documentation is involved in launching a business, signing legal agreements, conducting document verification for your employees, hiring purposes, etc. As a result, eSignatures appear to be everywhere. Electronic signatures can be used in any corporate, government, or legal setting. Using eSignature in daily activities has made employees more productive.

You must understand that implementing an electronic signature platform will benefit your organisation and streamline the signature process. Nowadays, eSignatures are the simplest and most secure to use. As a result, businesses have started shifting from wet signatures to using eSignature.

Let us look at some of its best features:

  • Saves time: Reduce time and money by eliminating excessive wait periods for printing, signing, scanning, and sending papers. You can easily sign and secure your documents electronically.

  • Document Transparency: VeriDoc Sign documents come with a QR code placed on them which upon scanning provides the details of the signers. This QR code is unique to each and every envelope you create on VeriDoc Sign.

  • Legally Binding: All eSignatures created using VeriDoc Sign are legally accepted globally.

  • Simple to verify: Use a mobile device to scan a QR code on the page. This unique QR code acts as a mode of verification. The signer verification is done by scanning the QR Code present on the document. 
    If the document is ‘private’, the signer has to enter their email address and captcha to request OTP. Then, check the email inbox for the OTP. Copy the OTP, enter the captcha, and submit. Upon successful completion, the document will be verified successfully.  
    If the document is ‘public’ then the signer need not have to request OTP. Once the signer scans the QR code, upon successful verification, a ‘green tick’ will appear stating that the ‘verification was successful. If you click ‘continue’ you can view the documents and other event details.

  • Anybody Can verify Document: Document admins can choose to make the document either public or private. If the document is private, then only the ones selected by the admin can view the document. If the document is public, then anybody can view the document. eSigns is all about document transparency, cause once the document is submitted, it cannot be altered or edited.

VeriDoc Sign employs cutting-edge verification technology that is patent-protected in over 90 countries worldwide. 

VeriDoc Sign allows you to be more efficient, save money, and satisfy your clients. Using VeriDoc Sign will make you and your employees more productive. We are convinced that you will not find a better eSignature anywhere else. The pricing plans of VeriDoc Sign are extremely cost-effective. You can sign up for the 10-day free trial for VeriDoc Sign. So, contact us today for more information!