New Drag And Drop Tool Features (Text Fields, Resize QR Code, Date Formatting, Fonts and Sizes)

18 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signatures allow everyone to electronically sign documents that are important and crucial. Electronic signatures are widely being used across various sectors. VeriDoc Sign is the world’s first blockchain-secured eSignature solution utilizing VeriDoc Global’s patented verification technology. This eSignature platform is extremely cost-effective and makes one’s workflow highly productive. Let us look at how the new drag-and-drop tool features work.

Upon logging in to your VeriDoc Sign account, you click on the option ‘create new envelope’ so that you can make new envelopes that you further share for signing. 

Once you have uploaded your document on VeriDoc Sign, you will come across the new drag-and-drop tool features that are going to make your eSigning procedure easy. Let us take you through the different drag-and-drop tool features:

  • Text Fields: If you want to add any additional information for the signee, like Place, Address, etc; you can do so by clicking on the Text, and customizing your own text, font, and font size. You can drag and drop the text box at any place in the document. You can also increase and decrease the size of the text box.

  • Resize QR code: Once you've uploaded your document, you can add your QR Code for verification at any preferable area of your document. You can place this QR code at any part of your document. You can also change the size of the QR code as per your convenience. This QR code is unique to each and every envelope you create on VeriDoc Sign.

  • Date Formatting: You can ask the signee to add the ‘Date’ In order to add the date field on the document, click on the 'Date Signed' and place it on the exact spot you want your signer to add the date of signing.

You can also change the date format, i.e.; like choose from DDMMYYYY, MMDDYYYY, YYYYMMDD. You can also change the font size, font style, bolden it or underline it or go with italics. 

  • Font and Sizes: You can change the font size and the font type according to your needs. Select from the drop-down menu and select the font type you like.

Using VeriDoc Sign in order to create and send documents to your clients and customers has now become easier and faster due to these new drag-and-drop tool features. It makes you efficient and productive. If you have not used the VeriDoc Sign platform, then do it today. Open your trial account on VeriDoc Sign website and start using it. If you are satisfied with the trial, then you can further choose from the various cost-effective pricing plans as per your needs.