Save Your Time And Money Using Electronic Signatures.

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signature app, also known as esignature, is one of today's most effective developments. Electronic signatures have a variety of features that aid in cost-cutting efforts. eSign is being integrated into existing systems by individuals/organizations and governments. This benefits businesses in terms of administrative and paperwork savings. Small organizations have more limited budgets and always look for cost-effective methods to increase productivity and save time. 

As a result, document signing electronically is becoming an essential component. According to experts, electronic signature transactions have increased from 89 million to 754 million within only five years. As a result, the significance of eSignature cannot be overlooked. In addition, businesses have become even more aware of the importance of the esign services due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Ways In Which A Digital Signature System Can Save Loads Of Money And Time

Several sectors can benefit from electronic signature apps. So let's get started and see how e-signatures can save you time and money.

Deals Are Closed More Quickly

It takes a long time to print, sign, and scan paper documents using the old approach. It can also cause delays, resulting in the termination of a major deal. This might be disastrous for any business. eSignature services, such as VeriDoc Sign, enable you to make agreements from anywhere, accomplish more deals and shorten your sales cycle. You may reduce your usual signing time from up to 2 weeks to only five minutes by using VeriDoc Sign.

No More Misplaced Paperwork

Having a dedicated database for signed contracts, NDAs, and other documents. I can't tell you how often I've tried to find a paper in my file cabinet and couldn't. Simply being able to synchronize an electronically signed document with your Cloud account saves effort and patience. In addition, there will be no more lost agreements or NDAs with VeriDoc Sign!

Access To A Variety Of Templates

It takes a long time to create a new paper or agreement for each client. VeriDoc Sign allows you to establish a library of templates that you can reuse for each big deal. These can be taken from pre-existing template samples or your paperwork and agreements. The signature fields can then be added, and the document begins the smooth electronic signature process — efficient and quick.

Spend Less Money On Printing

Every dollar spent on printing can be put toward more productive pursuits. For example, you can sign documents online rather than printing bunches of paper and putting them in a cupboard for future reference. You'll save storage, and you won't have to pay exorbitant maintenance fees for your printers. A typical employee can take up to 20 minutes for each transaction to print a document. Signing through email or fax can take about 10 minutes for each transaction and is difficult to track. In-person signatures can take up to 3 hours for each transaction. VeriDoc Sign can reduce time spent on unnecessary documentation by 38.9%.

There's no denying that an electronic signature app like VeriDoc Sign can help your organization boost income while decreasing costs. VeriDoc Sign can assist businesses in saving a significant amount of time, money, and storage, resulting in increased reliability, productivity, and effectiveness.