Should Retail Embrace Electronic Signature Technology

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Most industries have adopted eSignature solutions now. Businesses are growing, and eSignatures are one of the reasons why. When the turnaround time for the execution of your decisions or strategies decreases, productivity gets better. While big businesses are working on having a competitive advantage, small businesses are looking forward to establishing themselves more quickly and productively. 

It sounds excellent, and the question has changed now. While previously it was whether or not eSignatures make for a better option, now it is why some industries are still behind others in adopting this revolutionary technology. Retail is one such industry. Compared to most, the speed of adoption is slow, and the reason is entirely unclear to us. 

Is it because the role of an eSignature in the retail industry does not look promising? It is a valid argument. Is it because the retail industry deals with more critical problems? Whatever the reason, slowing down the process of adopting new technology leaves you behind. eSignature is here to disrupt unproductivity, and it is essential to know why this shift is so crucial.

We want to understand the role of eSignature solutions in retail better. So, in this blog, let us discuss whether retail should adopt eSignatures or not.

Should Retail Businesses Consider Using Electronic Signature Solutions?

Making a decision is tough. And the answer is not just yes or no, so let us weigh based on the benefits of an eSignature solution for retail businesses.

  • Convenient Yet Secure

When you use good eSignature software, along with productivity, it makes sure that your client's details are safe with you. No one can disclose this information or tamper with them. So, if you want to share a document with your colleagues, you can easily do that. It also helps you communicate the internal workload and reduce it. 

Also, let us talk about the more fun part. Did you know that an eSignature solution also works on mobile? So you can access the essential documents anytime, anywhere you want. This feature allows you to complete sales when you are not even in the office. Also, your customers can easily create eSigns online without even leaving their homes. 

  • Increased Efficiency And Simplicity.

A massive chunk of the retail business conducts itself online. There is no need to run across cities to make a deal. However, most people want to see the product before signing the document. So, when the demand increases on your margin or operating cost increases, eSignatures are the only way out.

Electronic signatures are simple. You do not have to be the techie in the room to be able to sign electronically. It is just as easy as picking up the pen to sign. So, it saves you time and makes the process more convenient.

  • Saving Money And Improving Customer Experiences.

Going paperless helps the environment too. The less you use paper, the fewer trees get cut down for your paper. But let us first talk about the cost of paperwork. Do not forget about the cost of sending out these contracts to the suppliers or the customers?

You invest on:

  1. Buying a piece of paper

  2. Copying

  3. Printing the paper

  4. Scanning

  5. Delivery

  6. Storage

Do you want to know the steps involved in an eSignature documentation process? You sign electronically and send it over. Want to stay on the safe side? Verify with VeriDoc Sign, and your job ends here.

Apart from costs, eSignature takes care of the customer experience too. Your customers hate to deal with piles of papers, contracts, agreements, receipts, etc. The process is long, tedious, and unnecessarily lengthy. Increasing customer satisfaction is necessary, and you can not miss out anymore.

Technology will take over, and you should not be missing out. We know changes are uncomfortable. But are they the only constant in this age of technology? So, before making a switch, it is essential to understand why this is important. The trick is to be efficient and secure at the same time.