Signer Verification Using QR Codes

15 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign


VeriDoc Sign is an easy-to-use and effective eSignature platform where creating envelopes is very easy. Once you've uploaded your document on VeriDoc Sign, you can add your QR Code at any preferable area on the document. However, we suggest placing it on the top right-hand side corner of the document so it can be easily located. 

The steps are extremely easy to follow i.e.: Create New Envelope -> Upload Document -> Drag and drop the Secured QR Code on the document -> Size the QR as per your needs and place it accordingly on your document. 

This unique QR code acts as a mode of verification. The signer verification is done by scanning the QR Code present on the document.

If the document is ‘private’, the signer has to enter their email address and captcha to request OTP. Then, check the email inbox for the OTP. Copy the OTP, enter the captcha, and submit. Upon successful completion, the document will be verified successfully. 

If the document is ‘public’ then the signer need not have to request OTP. Once the signer scans the QR code, upon successful verification, a ‘green tick’ will appear stating that the ‘verification was successful. If you click ‘continue’ you can view the documents and other event details.

A secured QR code on every document is unique, safe, and cannot be altered. The benefit is that when someone scans the QR code, they can view the authenticity of the documents i.e. they can view the transaction details, the event details of the document, and much more. Thus, secure QR codes are undoubtedly the most secure way of verifying the signer and saving the document from being tampered with. 

Using VeriDoc Sign in your daily workflow has proven to be extremely efficient and productive. It is a huge time saver and secures too. If you have not yet used the VeriDoc Sign platform, then you must sign up for the 10-day free trial. The VeriDoc Sign pricing plans are cost-efficient in that it suits everybody’s budget. Post-completion of your trial period, you can choose between three pricing plans; standard, pro, and advanced. For any queries, you can reach out to VeriDoc’s 24x7 support team.