The Role Of Blockchain In The Electronic Signature Industry

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic Signatures are all over the place to replace traditional documentation methods. While they have always been popular, eSignature solutions have gotten more secure with verification and blockchain technologies in the last few years. Businesses have already chosen what works for them, and electronic signatures are always the better option. 

Organisations are using technology to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of employees. The adoption of technology is the only way to keep evolving. 

And while it is okay if you are late, you need to join the revolution now. But, before you decide on what is better for you, let us discuss electronic signature solutions in detail. 

In this blog, VeriDoc Sign talk about eSignatures, their popularity, and the role of blockchain in eSignature solutions.

The Role Of Blockchain In Esignature Solutions

Today, the word “blockchain” pops up more than ever. Many popular electronic signature solutions use blockchain technology for better security and verifiable authenticity. It is a database that stores the history of all digital assets and makes them unalterable and transparent. 

Blockchain technology uses the concept of "proof of work," This concept is well-known for enabling secured financial transactions and empowering new cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin.

The three features that blockchain technology provides are:

  • It makes the document unique and ensures that the signer does not deny after signing your document.

  • Once a document is stored in the blockchain, no one can tamper with it anymore.

  • It assures correct identification of the individual signers of a document.

Why should one use blockchain technology in eSignature solutions?

While the answer is simple, "security" is not all you get. You can consider eSignature solutions using blockchain technology the best because:

  • Blockchain allows business users to perform multiple actions on a document.

  • You can carry on with the eSignature process even in offline mode.

  • As a user, you have proof that the information you are looking for has existed before. No one can sneak in without leaving a trace.

  • Blockchain represents your signature as a digital identity.

  • Verification and eSignature systems are two different processes. They do not depend on any central authority.

So, Verify Your Documents Now With VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signatures are the way to go. Everyone is now conscious of sustainability, and a paperless future is a new trend. Not keeping up can cost you losing the competitive advantage. 

Electronic signature software makes any documentation process smoother, faster, and more efficient. They also make you an excellent brand that is always adapting to newer trends. But above all, it increases productivity and decreases manual labour with the added security of the blockchain. 

VeriDoc Sign brings you the best eSignature solution that promises you document transparency. VeriDoc Sign uses the world's first blockchain-secured eSignature software that uses VeriDoc Global’s patented verification technology. You do not have to worry about the authenticity of important documents anymore. 

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