Tips To Use Secure Electronic Signature In Your Business

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

We are living in a digital world. But did you know that about 80% of documents are still manually created, printed, signed, scanned, and delivered? While it might sound surprising, the numbers do not lie. What is the problem with that? Let us discuss this.

Many businesses have switched gears to accept the remote model as the future. We have reached the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, and "hybrid models" seem to be the new trend. As we move away from the offices, a paperless future paves its way. We all know that with power comes responsibility. So, while efficiency is important, security is essential too. 

We look forward to more flexible, fun, and productive processes. An electronic signature is one of them. The paper-based projects impact your company's workflow and productivity. They act as a roadblock and are a massive cause of inefficiencies in your everyday life. While you can try and ignore the problems, the customer experience needs to get better for you to succeed. You get a competitive advantage and do not have to miss out anymore. 

But is making a switch to eSignatures so easy? Of course not! You would have first to know everything about eSignatures, how they work if they are always valid or not, and how they can help your business. 

How To Implement Secure Electronic Signature In Your Business?

It would be best if you addressed the security risk that comes in handy with the advantages of an electronic signature solution. As an organization, how can you assure that your process is secure? Here are some tips by VeriDoc Sign that can help you figure that out.

  • You need an electronic signature solution that your signatories can access easily. Your signatories should be able to access all your documents. Also, this should be a single process. A central system or the board of directors in your organization should be able to control the process.

  • Check if this software is already embedded in your company culture or if your board of directors already uses this paperless software. In this case, it ensures low cost, and efficiency gets maximized. In addition, you can quickly adopt this software. Check your budget too.

  • The signature you create using the eSignature solution should have the time, date stamp, and the user's identity. Ensure that it has all these vital attributes. The signatures should be tamper-proof too. You should never forget that you cannot contest the documents if the signatures are not valid

  • The signing system should keep a record of the document. This is a vital feature in a system. In addition, the eSignature software must also note every signer's details.

  • Make sure that only the designated signer can stamp these documents. To be safe, the authority to sign and let others sign the document should lie with the individual who created this document.

Electronic signatures make the process of documentation easier. But you can not miss out on security or productivity. So, verify with VeriDoc Sign. VeriDoc Sign uses a blockchain-secured patented technology that helps you verify all documents quickly yet accurately. Sign up for a free trial now.