Updated Verification Results Page With Event Tracking

15 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

VeriDoc Sign is an easy-to-use and cost-effective eSignature platform. There is absolute document transparency when you use this platform. Let us understand how through this blog. 

Once you have successfully created an envelope and sent it to all the signers, you can track the process by following a few simple steps. Upon sending the envelope, you come back to the dashboard of VeriDoc Sign. Here in the dashboard, you will see the event tracking details. The dashboard gives you a clear view and status of your uploaded documents. It shows you the Blockchain Status (Signed or unsigned status of the document), Document Name, Created By, Date Created, Sign Status(whether your document is signed or still pending), Manage Access, and Action. Every change in your document, whether it is signed or not can be seen on the Dashboard.

Guide Through The Updated Verification Results Page 

On the dashboard, there is a column that says ‘Action’, under which you can see the option, ‘Visit results page’. Once you click on that option of your document, you will redirect to the verification page. If the document is ‘private’, you have to enter your email address and captcha to request OTP. Then, check your email inbox for the OTP. Copy the OTP, enter the captcha, and submit. Upon successful completion, the document will be verified successfully. 

If the document is ‘public’ then you need not have to request OTP.  You will be taken to the event tracking page, once you click on the ‘Visit results page’ option. This verification ensures that your document is safe and cannot be tampered with. If your document is eSignature platform private, then only the ones who have access to it can view it. The whole interface of this is so easy to use that it speeds up the workflow and increases efficiency and productivity.

Veridoc Sign Is Transparent, Secure And Super Easy To Use.

Upon successful verification, you will be able to see the event page. Here you can view the document, download the document, view the document details (issued by, date created, date signed, sign status), blockchain transaction, and Unique Hash Value (UHV). The UHV is the unique fingerprint of the document. Nobody can alter or change the UHV. 

Under the ‘Events’ section, you can see:

  • When was the Envelope Created and by whom

  • When was the email sent

  • Timestamp showing when each signer has signed the document

  • Timestamp showing when all the signers have completed the signing

In this section, you also get the option to download the envelope that was sent to every signer as well as a check after it has been signed. You can also verify each of the events mentioned. If you want, you can also download the PDF copy of the Event Page. 

You must be wondering why VeriDoc Sign must cost a lot because it provides so many features. Well, that is not the truth. VeriDoc Sign pricing plans are so cost-effective that they will not burn a hole in your pocket. There is a free trial for 10 days which you can sign up for to get an idea of the platform. Once you are satisfied, you can then purchase the pricing plan of your choice. Note that VeriDoc Sign does not discard the unused envelopes, rather it gets rolled over to the next month. Does not this make it extremely efficient and cost-effective? Need any help? Contact our 24x7 customer support for more information.