Uses Of Electronic Signatures For Small Business

26 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Sign

No one wants extra trouble in our already busy lives. We all prefer automated solutions and search for technologies that help us get more efficient. eSignature solutions help us get faster and more productive with our documentation process. After all, we all want to get more paperwork done in less time but securely.

Electronic signatures are practically the electronic form of the wet or traditional signature. You can now enjoy a seamless experience with a signing transaction using eSignature solutions. The documents are always secure and tamper-proof. So, eSignatures help you to do the followings:

  • Improve productivity & efficiency

  • Save money and time

  • Keep control of your transaction

  • Keep your documents secure

Electronic Signatures to Successfully Grow Your Small Business

  • For The Vendor Or Supplier Agreements 

As a small business owner, you often face problems negotiating a deal with vendors. However, you should always be ready with a solution. Look for the agreement, terms, price, and conditions as soon as possible and settle it. With a pile of papers, it would take hours for you to hunt down that one sheet. How effective do you think that will be? Not at all!

Using an eSignature solution would make it easier to track the document down. Forget easy. You are just a few clicks away from the agreement that can settle your deal. When you have such a better option, never pay for anything lesser. 

  • Change In Orders

The usability here is similar to that of the agreements. Would you be happy to lose hours tracking your documents, or do you prefer short clicks? If there's an increase or decrease in the amount in order, paperwork is nothing but a hassle. eSignatures make the process faster. It is time to focus on your next order, not get stuck with one.

  • Sales Contracts

Nowadays, every business is dealing with long sales contracts. These documents need your signatures frequently and are crucial for you and your company. Long delays can harshly affect your profits, which is the last thing you want to settle for now. Electronic signature solutions can help you complete the process fast and securely.

  • Employee Agreements

What do you do when you onboard an employee? Most organisations still print contract forms and enrolment benefits and manage paychecks. Think about the time you waste manually signing all of these documents. Switch to eSignatures now, as it increases your productivity and ensures complete document transparency.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

As the name suggests, an NDA is not supposed to be disclosed. But, with some piles of paper, anyone can get their hands on it. They are not tamper-proof either. On the other hand, e-signatures help you get secure with your NDAs. You can track the process and securely access it anytime you want and from anywhere. 

We know it feels like only large corporations need e-signatures to have a competitive advantage. But that is not the case. As a small business, every minute is essential for you - you need more time to focus on success strategies. And when it is about documentation, you should move on fast and not waste time on it anymore.

VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution introduces blockchain technology's power in securing and managing all your vital documents. Instead of worrying over unnecessary paperwork, with VeriDoc Sign, you can now store, manage, and access documents from any device, anytime! Try our 10-day completely free trial today.