Ways To Manage Your Electronic Signatures.

13 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Do you remember practising cool signature styles as a kid? We all thought we would get famous and people would only care about our signatures. But, more specifically, signatures are essential for contracts, agreements, or legal notices, not just collectibles. eSignature makes the process of getting a document signed easier and more efficient.

So, every business is thinking about making this intelligent switch. They are adopting electronic signature solutions and integrating them into their documentation process. Signatures are not as fun as we thought, and we want to get over them faster. An electronic signature takes care of that.

But is it just about the faster way to get a signature? You need to maintain and manage it as well. The documents are essential, and you need to take care of them and track them regularly. Would not that be a hassle as well? Not really! In this blog, VeriDoc Sign discusses how you can manage electronic signatures and be more productive using them.

How Can You Manage The eSignature Solutions Automatically?

Electronic signature solutions will not stand the test of time if you have to keep track of every step. They are one of the most productive systems, and managing them should not take away from your time. You can collect them automatically. How? Let us see.

  • Set Up An Efficient System For Creating New Documents For Clients Or Customers

The type of signature you need would depend on your business, and you need to keep them in mind if you want to proceed with it. If you are a fitness expert, you should have the waivers signed. When you set up a streamlined workflow, you would not need to create it every time you have a new client. 

Say your sales process looks somewhat like this. The potential clients fill up your form on the website. Then they get in touch with you or your team. After a brief conversation, you quote a price and ask for their signature of approval. Automate the process with eSignature extensions. It would automate the process and make it easier for you to manage.

  • Verify Every Electronic Document And Signature With VeriDoc

Make sure you disapprove of a photoshopped signature. How do you make sure you are not duped by someone, though? It would be best to verify an eSignature to be on the safer side. VeriDoc Sign can help you be more confident about your documents. 

Veridoc Sign is the world's first blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses its own patented technology. It assures document transparency by leveraging blockchain technology to secure the esigns. The verification process is quick and easy. You can even verify it via your mobile device. Why wait then? Start your ten days free trial now. 

  • Follow Up With Another Mail And Get Alerts For The Completed Signatures

You send over a document via email. A person might probably miss out. Set up a follow-up mail that reminds the person of the contract. So, try building a workflow that streamlines the process and sends over a customized email if the customer needs a reminder.

But, it is not final until you get the signature done. You can keep your team in the loop and alert whenever the client signs the document. Several esignature solutions can help you do that.

Automation of your workflow helps you be more efficient and focus on what's important. eSignature solution is one of those tools that help you get the document done faster and increases productivity. So, whether you are new to it or not, managing an eSignature solution is a must. And it would be best if you did not forget to automate it as well.