What Should You Look For In An Electronic Signature Software To Minimize Risks?

18 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

How do you make sure it's legal? Right? There has been a lot of talk about being aware of the validity of an electronic signature. At the same time, while the law allows the same legal status to electronic signatures as traditional wet signatures, the intention of the process matters.

So, you can admit the electronic signatures are the ultimate proof or evidence. But that's not it. You can always question an ink signature. Similarly, you can interrogate the process of an electronic signature too. 

Say you have an ink signature as a piece of evidence. Lawyers can always summon experts in handwriting to check if that is legit. Similarly, for an electronic signature, you can also build a product that provides the required evidence to prove that the right signee has signed the electronic documents.

Taking proper care of document transparency can be a long process sometimes. So, there can be some factors that you can look for in the best electronic signature solution in order to minimize the risk while being productive behind the scene. In this blog, let us discuss those key assurance factors that can help you shop around for the right solution.

  • Trail Of An Audit:

This feature allows you to track all the actions of documents and their signers throughout the process of transaction, and make them productive every step of the way. This ensures a trail of evidence that proves that the transaction is indeed taking place. It is now easier for you to process the documentation. 

But, when you choose the software, what should you look for? Here's the answer:

  1. Check if or not the online eSignature software tracks every event carried on in the process. Document transparency is an important aspect too.

  2. Check how detailed the information is, which information is stored, and what is left behind.

  3. Check whether or not you can integrate the audit trail into your document.

  4. Check if you can download the audit or not.

  5. Make sure the audit is secured and not prone to tampering. Check how it is stored.

  • Identification Or Authentication Process:

This feature proves that the users or the signers are the right people. It approves of their identity and makes them productive even before the process starts. So, when you have this feature, you would not have to worry about if the people are the right ones to share sensitive documents with. 

But, what should you check when you look for the right software?

  1. Ensure that the electronic signature software requires the users to authenticate their identity before even attempting to eSign the document.

  2. Even if the software has an excellent authenticating system, check how strong it actually is. Check if the software just asks for a code sent on a unique email address or an OTP, or if it requires a pin or password.

  3. Ensure that the documents are not accessible unless the signers complete the authentication process.

  4. Check if the software relies on another third-party service for the identification process.

  5. Check if you can or cannot add the users who were identified previously via integration with different systems.

  • Ensure Document Transparency And Integrity:

When you sign a document, you are signing the version that you can see at that point as a user. Right? Then you expect the record to remain as you left it after the signature. So, an electronic signature should be able to protect that integrity throughout the process of documentation.

What should you check before getting the best electronic software?

  1. Check the process used to protect the documents after signing.

  2. Look for the ways of integrity that the software uses to protect your document.

  3. The most essential part of this process is ensuring document transparency. Check if the services assure that.

  4. Your eSignature software should provide you with solid tamper-free controls. Check if in case your document gets tampered with, whether or not your software notifies you.

So, you must keep your documents protected nonetheless. And a second check is always necessary. VeriDoc Sign helps you verify your document transparency instantly, increasing your productivity at an affordable rate. Stop worrying about the photoshopped signatures anymore. VeriDoc Sign uses its own blockchain-secured patented technology. And the best part is still the accuracy with which your electronic signatures get verified. Start your free trial now!