What To Look For Before Choosing A Top eSignature Solution

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

How important is it to adopt technologies? Technology is becoming more advanced, and the market is changing faster than expected. John Chambers, the Chairman of Cisco, believes that if the companies do not figure out a way to evolve and adapt to technologies, around 40% of them will fade away in the next ten years. The claim is fair, and the fact that we know it is right is scary too.

But why are people talking so much about technology? Why is it easier for a tech founder to secure an investment from the best? Is the world being partial? Or is it reasonable to do so?

Technology is not the enabler anymore; it is one of the most crucial parts of your business. Productive companies would keep killing unproductive ones. And tech is one of the most reliable ways to make things efficient. Thus, in the longer run, you would have to switch to tech alternatives like electronic signatures to survive in this industry. 

But, how to know which one is better? Are all the eSignature solutions safe, secure, and reliable? That is not possible. Right? So, in this blog, VeriDoc Sign explains what to look for in the best electronic document signing software when you think of adopting one. 

What To Look For Before Choosing A Top eSignature Solution?

When you have a clear strategy, it is easier to function. You need a proper plan to integrate one of the top eSignature solutions. Trials and errors sound great, but you do not want to waste time on them. We know that time is money, and you are also looking for document transparency, but it is time to work smart. So then, what should you look for in an excellent eSignature solution?

  • Know What You Need And Define Them.

Depending on your business size and the industry you serve, you would have a structure for the document-related requirements. Right? Now, you need to know what is essential and what is not. Then, as you choose your preferences, look at the loopholes in your documentation process. 

Say you want flexible electronic signature software that supports more than one language. Or you need an esignature app that has the feature to send a reminder to the signers. Now, list what you need in your new software to make it the most productive. Then, choose the electronic signature software that meets all your needs.

  • Check The Legality. 

While everyone is talking about a paperless future, you should know if your industry supports electronic signature solutions or not. In addition, some enterprises do not accept eSignatures. So, confirm that the process is legal and then take the next step. 

Also, note which industries permit the process in which way, and once you complete that, you can shortlist all the software that follows the guidelines

  • Establish A Budget.

You can not settle for the cheapest software, no matter what. So, the budget should be the last step of this process. But still, it is an important step that you can not skip. You need software that ensures productivity and enables document transparency by verifying eSignatures online. 

Now, follow the following steps. First, get a streamlined list of must-have platforms. Define your budget correctly. Keep the list of features you need on the side. Then select the solution that aligns best with your needs. 

It is just the right time to make the switch. The pandemic has made the world your marketplace, and you can not afford to be left behind. But, do not forget to get the best electronic signature software because your productivity would depend on that. Find the one that fits your organization, and then automate the process. It is time to scale fast and function better. VeriDoc Sign has extremely cost-effective pricing options. They come with a ten-day free trial option which you can choose. After its completion, you can choose between standard, pro and advanced options based on your needs.