Which Industries Can Benefit From an eSignature Solution?

26 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Sign

There’s a secret code to a business's success and it's not just a great product and its marketing. The formula to success is not so simple in any business around the world. Why do you think most businesses fail? It is because the step to success also includes smart workflow and efficiency. 

You have to make your business result-oriented by streamlining its operational processes. The automation will then help you get faster results and have a competitive advantage.

Technology makes work efficient and improves productivity among all. While inefficiencies get disrupted, technology-based businesses win the game. You must have already heard about the VPs favouring the technology businesses more. It is because they are fast, productive, and cost-effective.

One of these systems that you need to consider when you innovate is the documentation process in your workflow. In most industries, documentation is a critical factor. 

Once you get efficient with documentation, you get ahead faster. Electronic signature solutions help you get there in a user-friendly way.

Which Industries Can Get Benefitted From An eSignature Solution?

  • Engineering, Architecture, and Construction

Think about the number of projects you need to work on in these industries. In addition to the amount, they are primarily on a strict schedule. Even the slightest delays can become very expensive for the firms. The problem arises when you need to coordinate with different engineers, zoning officers, construction teams, etc., to complete the process of sending documents of 100 pages or sometimes, even more. 

These processes can take hours or days for successful completion. When you switch to electronic signatures to communicate and sign documents digitally, you can cut the time to minutes. Even storing documents in centralized software makes it easier for you to track the history of that document.

  • Real Estate

Real estate agents deal with thousands of paperwork daily. If unable to present it at the right time, there is a risk of always being edged out by another competitor. When you want a 24-hour deadline, you just can not rely on traditional signatures. 

The wet signatures introduce a lot of stressful and inconvenient meetings. Also, when you consider your users, electronic signatures make it easy for your clients to sign and send the documents over to you even from home. 

Real estate agents need to reclaim the time they are losing by driving from one place to another. The agents need to get through all the heavy paperwork within time and without any minute errors. By using the right eSign solution,  they can manage time better, improve productivity, and omit human errors from vital paperwork.

  • Healthcare

The life sciences industries and healthcare depend significantly on the ever-changing federal guidelines from other sectors. These regulations present strict norms on securing the electronic storage process, privacy concerns, and acceptable forms of electronic documents or signatures. 

An electronic signature software that meets the federal criteria can thus improve compliance. When you improve the observation, you also increase security and reduce paper wastage. 

When we talk about an excellent healthcare organization and its management, the contracts and the signatures are very essential for the physicians, patients, vendors, partner organizations, and other employees. So, the processes must be efficient, fast, and viable.

VeriDoc Sign is an eSignature solution that offers attractive features and benefits to different industries that use electronic signatures in their everyday documentation process thus, making work more efficient, productive, and quick.