Why Is Verification Of eSignature Important?

15 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Electronic signatures have streamlined the documentation process and helped enterprises improve productivity and speed up their operations for almost the past three decades. Today, eSignature software offers many perks and it is more than just the convenience of adopting electronic signature solutions. 

You do not need to complete paperwork only in hard copy now, especially when deadlines are tight. But how to ensure security? Are these signatures even authentic? How do you know?

So in this blog, VeriDoc explains why verification is essential and how you can easily verify eSignatures on important documents.

  • Has Someone Tampered With Your Important Document?

If you try to figure it out on your own, you probably would not be able to tell. You would not be able to figure out if the digital or printed PDF has not been tampered with or if no one has forgotten the signature unless you use an advanced eSignature solution using blockchain technology. These eSign solutions have unique ways of verifying authenticity. Most customers of these solutions do not even ask this question. But we can not ignore it today as it is a fundamental issue.

  • Did The Correct Person Sign Your Document?

Security is one of the most challenging issues for the electronic signature industry. When you adopt one, you need to use a solution with additional verification layers and additional validation for both the signers and viewers of documents. 

Most of the time, eSign solutions do this by creating an account and verifying this account before someone even starts using it. You should not use solutions that let you sign within the email you received or sign without even suggesting you create an account. Many top-notch eSignature software has a 2-factor authentication process that allows document transparency and security. 

  • What Can You Do If Someone Claims They Didn't Sign Your Document?

This can be an issue in court and is a valid problem as well. If you want to be on the secure side, you must always go for a blockchain-secure esign solution. These advanced solutions keep track of the evidence of the transaction and provide important time stamps of activities on the document in question. 

If you do not use a blockchain-secure solution, then software with an extensive audit trail can also provide proof. If the solution does not use any of these two suggested methods, it will get complicated and unnecessarily troublesome to verify the authenticity.

Verify your signature with VeriDoc Sign.

You need to be sure about not missing out on security while streamlining complex operations. Electronic signatures are significant for your workplace but not so great when considering security. What if someone attaches a photoshopped signature? How would you even know? 

VeriDoc Sign takes care of all these and even more. You can easily verify your signatures and validate the authenticity of any document. VeriDoc Sign is the world's first blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. It ensures continuous security, improved productivity, and document transparency in the long run. So why wait anymore? Sign up for a free trial now.