Can I send documents to signers that don’t have a VeriDoc Sign account?

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Yes, VeriDoc Sign is designed to make document signing simple and user-friendly. Only the envelope creator is required to have a VeriDoc Sign account so that they can prepare the document that is going to be signed.

VeriDoc Sign is designed to make your life easier and faster. So, whatever makes our users happy, makes us happy too. This feature allows you to send any uploaded document to multiple signers and viewers at once, without even thinking about adding them as VeriDoc Sign users. They will get signing or viewing requests in their respective inboxes. They can open the mail from VeriDoc Sign, and either view or sign the document as per need. Once they have finished their designated work, you can check the status of your uploaded document by logging into your VeriDoc Sign account. Once all the signers have signed the document, it will be automatically stored in the blockchain and will be absolutely secure, and cannot be tampered with anymore. 

Automation of your workflow helps you be more efficient and focus on what's important. ESignature solution is one of those tools that help you get the document done faster and increases productivity. So, whether you are new to it or not, adopting an eSignature solution like VeriDoc Sign is a must in your everyday workflow.