Is my data safe with cloud-based software?

31 Jan 2024

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Yes, of course! Some essential benefits provided by cloud-based software includes,


One of the most significant benefits of storing your data in the cloud is that it is backed up multiple time. This redundancy is critical to ensuring the safety of your data. If one server fails unexpectedly, copies of your data are still available on another server. Even if an event such as a fire or an earthquake destroys an entire data centre, another copy of your data is available on a server in another data centre.

Constant Monitoring

Major cloud storage providers have dedicated operations centres staffed by cybersecurity experts around the clock. These teams are always on the lookout for digital threats to their cloud storage infrastructure, and they have the tools to deal with them.


The vast majority of cloud storage providers allow you to secure your account with two-factor authentication. To log in to your cloud storage account, you must have both your password and a one-time verification code, which is sent to your phone or email inbox. As a result, even if an attacker cracks your password, they won't be able to easily access your account.

Cloud storage is designed and constructed entirely with data security in mind. When you store data in the cloud, your files are encrypted and constantly monitored for cybersecurity threats. Your data is also redundantly stored to ensure that a copy survives any disaster.