Is there any limit to the number of users I can add to an account?

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

No, VeriDoc Sign offers a multiple-user approach which means once you purchase your VeriDoc Sign subscription plan, you can add unlimited users to share the envelopes that come with your plan. This is an attractive feature that makes the VeriDoc Sign subscription both efficient and cost-effective for customers.

ESignature software is taking over businesses and legal entities fast. Thanks to its numerous benefits like document transparency, increased productivity, better time management, and outstanding security. Today, if you are unaware of electronic signatures, you would just be missing out. The most common question you would encounter is whether or not an eSignature software is valid. Technology is taking over every space, and it is time for all business professionals to wake up. Do you still want to wait hours before your documentation process is completed? That is nothing but a huge waste of time and resources.

An e-signature software simplifies the documentation process and improves its management efficiently. So, if both signers agree, an eSignature solution can be the best option for more productivity in less time.  Also, if both parties are residing in different places, you need to understand that a traditional signature is nothing but a bottleneck for you. An eSignature solution can help you get the job done in minutes, while delivery might take days. 

If you are busy, then using a great electronic signature solution will change your life. VeriDoc Sign offers some of the best features regarding blockchain secure eSignatures. You can now manage your documents, get them signed or viewed, verify, and securely store them for ages.