What are public and private documents?

16 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

One of the most useful features of VeriDoc Sign is the ability to make your documents public or private. A public document means that anyone can scan the QR code to verify its authenticity of a document. A private document means that the envelope creator can manage access to the document with a list of viewers (by default all signers have viewer access). Scanning the QR code of a private document requires users to enter their email address and a 6-digit OTP to access the results page.

Electronic signatures, in every way, make life easier for you and your employees. Think about the work that goes into scanning, printing, delivering, and waiting for the document – a lot of extra time, effort, and money.

VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured solution. So, you do not need to worry about the document's security. When the signer signs electronically, the metadata along with the event's name, date, and time gets recorded on the blockchain. You can verify them against the timestamps as well. As the parties sign, a unique digital fingerprint is processed. It is called a unique hash value. This makes your document indestructible, authentic, and transparent.

Being blockchain-secured, VeriDoc Sign can help you quickly verify the document and ensure document transparency. VeriDoc Sign is the world's first blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology.