What if there was a mistake in the document that was sent for eSigning?

12 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

VeriDoc Sign’s eSign service provides complete document transparency to all of its users. Once a document is sent for signing, it cannot be edited or altered because if it is tampered with in any way, it would fail the document verification check. If there was a mistake in the document and all parties have already signed, a new envelope would need to be created. If the document has not been signed by all parties, the envelope creator can cancel the document which sends alerts to everyone letting them know that the envelope was canceled.

Today every business has a single motto - welcoming a paperless future. With the proof of technology and the grant of legal status, every enterprise is moving on to eSignature solutions for its innumerous features including document transparency, increased productivity, better time management, and most importantly, cost-saving.

Electronically signed documents are means of personal identification, and you cannot go wrong with extra security when it comes to protecting that. Many ensign software uses blockchain technology that ensures powerful security and document transparency, every time. 

You need to go for the best electronic signature solution that gives you document transparency at an affordable rate where you can check authenticity too. Introducing VeriDoc Sign to you. Verify your documents now with the best blockchain-secured eSignature solution. VeriDoc Sign uses its own patented verification technology.