What is a digital signature solution?

31 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Sign

An eSignature or electronic signature solution is an efficient and legally binding way to sign or approve digital documents. VeriDoc Sign leverages unique electronic identities, encryption, and blockchain to provide a more trusted and secure way of sending and signing documents. Our QR codes automate and simplify the verification process which enhances the user experience whilst also aiding to eliminate document and signature fraud.

An online documentation system is efficient, flexible, and innovative, just the system you need to refine your business. Thus, most companies are integrating eSignatures in their workflow. With electronic signatures, you can have many levels of encryption and security. These features make them safe and secure and promise us document transparency for years to come.

Electronic signatures make this entire process easier. You do not have to wait for anyone, no matter where they are. You can just send the document over via mail, get both the approval and signature electronically and implement the strategy faster. Think about the hassle you avoid meanwhile.

While we keep looking forward to proven solutions, electronic signatures are the one for you. These solutions are fast, efficient, and safe. VeriDoc Sign makes eSigning not just easier but also ensures document transparency, improved productivity, and higher efficiency every time you have to deal with any kind of paperwork at home, in the office, and anywhere else.