What is a digital signature solution?

VeiDoc Sign

A digital signature solution is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based digital certificate which authenticates the identity of the person signing a document online. One of the key benefits of VeriDoc Sign is that anyone can verify the authenticity of a document without the need to acquire costly digital certificates that are locked to a single platform.

A digital signature implements specific electronic signatures by applying mathematical schemes. Thus, digital signatures often refer to a coded or decoded technology. Some of the electronic signatures are based on this technology. 

To explain further, a digital signature refers to a set of characters you add at the end of a document. This signature certifies that the document is valid and secure. So, we use these signatures to identify the person who issues the message. You can also warrant that the document is not modified at all. 

Digital signatures also represent the process when you encode a document with encryption or other methods of tampering prevention through algorithms. Once you add a digital signature, no one other than the recipient can view the document. So you can be sure it is safe. Simply put, a digital signature acts as a fingerprint for the users when they go for transactions. It guarantees the authority of the person.