Where are eSignatures used?

16 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

From government records to corporate documents, electronic signatures are becoming the new normal. Electronic document signing eliminates the need for paper-based documents, increases document transparency, and reduces costs. Plus, it saves time and helps us to save the environment. ESignatures can bring efficiency to any workplace including sales, human resources, and financial services. It is gaining popularity across private and public sectors such as SMEs, banking, government, accounting, construction, and more.

The most familiar type of eSignature for online signing is the online or virtual signature. An SES relies on a user's intent. The intent, in turn, acts as proof that the document must be valid.

Digital and advanced electronic signatures are a step above standard electronic signatures. Digital signatures are far more secure than the other kinds. The reason is that it verifies the signer's authenticity even before a document gets signed. These signatures use the public key infrastructure or PKI which ensures the authenticity of the signatures.

VeriDoc Sign recommends eSignatures if you have to send vital documents for an online signature. Most of the security standards behind the scenes make the documentation process user-friendly and approachable—even for signers unfamiliar with the esigning technology.

Electronic signature solutions help thousands of businesses to create a better signing experience, automate their documentation processes, and eliminate long hours of work. Not just that but ensures increased productivity, document transparency, and better efficiency, every time.