Where are the documents stored?

16 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

VeriDoc Sign is a cloud-based e-signature software and uses Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service (a service offered by Amazon Web Services) to store all documents.

VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured eSignature solution utilising VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. It is extremely cost-effective and makes one's workflow highly productive. Using VeriDoc Sign to create and send documents to your clients and customers has become easier and faster due to our great features. It makes you efficient and productive. If you have not used the VeriDoc Sign platform, then do it today. Open your trial account on the VeriDoc Sign website and start using it. If you are satisfied with the trial, you can choose from the various cost-effective pricing plans per your needs.

VeriDoc Sign presents you with several options for creating an electronic signature so employees and customers with any digital comfort level can use this alternative. VeriDoc Sign illustrates how to use everyday tools like MS Word and a sophisticated BPM platform like frevvo to sign documents electronically.

Around 66% of businesses would accept that employees want more digital alternatives in their workflows, and 63% of companies agree that customers also wish to improve digital options. The statistics make the data clear: it's now time to figure out how we can bring electronic signatures and implement them into your business processes for better productivity, document transparency, and improved time management.