Where should I place the QR Code on the document111?

26 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Sign

You can place the QR code anywhere on the document based on your preference. We recommend placing the QR code somewhere near the top of the first page so that it’s easy to locate for anyone who wants to verify the contents and eSignatures in the document.

QR code authentication in electronic signature software is a revolutionary approach to secure and simplify all documentation processes. Businesses & consumers are using QR codes in a genius way - to determine the authenticity of documents, certificates, products, and many more. This concept is basically foolproof. Anyone can install a QR code scanner on their smartphone and get all the needed data within seconds!

Blockchain verification with the help of QR codes is used in businesses to determine the legitimacy of documents, certificates, payments, contact information, and so much more. If your business is not using QR codes for validation, then you will definitely be on the losing end. Present businesses using QR code authentication are keeping their documents safe, saving time and money, getting the job done easier and faster, and you can spot fake documents/information immediately.

Modernize your business’s signing, certifying, and verifying processes, so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary paperwork. VeriDoc Sign assures total document transparency every time you need to validate electronic signatures or important documents. It also provides you with the right tools to verify the timestamps of documentation activities on the blockchain.