Why is using a centralized IP audit trail alone untrustworthy?

16 Mar 2024

VeriDoc Sign

Audit logs are a critical component in today’s enterprise business systems as they provide several benefits such as records transparency, integrity, and security of sensitive information by creating a layer of evidential support. In the case of a centralized network, it can be easily altered or even deleted, leading to a lack of trust in the process. Additionally, they are usually under the control of a central authority that controls and manages information records. This lacks document transparency and often leads to questionable security of your electronically signed documents.

The formula to success is not so simple in any business around the world. Why do you think most businesses fail? It is because the step to success also includes smart workflow and efficiency. 

You have to make your business result-oriented by streamlining its operational processes. The automation will then help you get faster results and have a competitive advantage.

Technology makes work efficient and improves productivity among all. While inefficiencies get disrupted, technology-based businesses win the game. You must have already heard about the VPs favoring the technology businesses more. It is because they are fast, productive, and cost-effective.

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