Action Verify Feature

11 Mar 2024

Now you can easily verify your uploaded document on VeriDoc Sign. Just open the Dashboard, search for your document, and click on the Verify feature, located below the Action. You will be directed to the verification website immediately. 

Whenever you need to verify the authenticity of any uploaded document on VeriDoc Sign, you can easily click on the Verify section and you will be directed to the verifying website. There you can easily see the verification status of your document, and check whether its 1005 authentic or not. This feature allows all your documents to be secured, at all times. If not, now you can easily check whether it had been tampered with or not. Many businesses have switched gears to accept the remote model as the future. We have reached the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, and "hybrid models" seem to be the new trend. As we move away from the offices, a paperless future paves its way. We all know that with power comes responsibility. So, while efficiency is important, security is essential too. Making the switch from traditional documentation to using VeriDoc Sign gives you a competitive advantage, better customer-experience, improved productivity, increased efficiency, blockchain security, and cost-efficiency.