Add Custom Message

19 Feb 2024

For certain documents, you might need to add some signing instructions for the signer. The Reference Information allows you to send instructions to individual signers and can be easily customizable for each signer/viewer.

Some documents need extra steps to be completed successfully. Worry not, VeriDoc Sign has got you covered. In case of certain paperwork, you might need to add extra information for each of the signer or viewer. With the Reference Information section of your VeriDoc Sign account, you can choose the signer/viewer and send them a custom-typed message according to the requirement. Once the message is set, whenever the signer or viewer open the document, the message will also be clearly displayed to them. And they will know exactly what to do and what not to do. VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured eSign solution using VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. It helps you stay secure and manage all your confidential documents with ease. It secures the process with a 2-factor authentication and that's the start. So, get on the free trial and explore all the other attractive features that promise document transparency, improved productivity, and increased efficiency. It's time for you to leave all unnecessary worries behind and to walk ahead of all competitions. You can try it out before buying with our 10-day free trial.