Blockchain Status

08 Mar 2024

The Blockchain Status on the left side of your uploaded document shows you whether your document is stored in the blockchain or not. So, if you see a green tick on the blockchain status for your document, it means that your document is securely stored in the blockchain and cannot be tampered with at all.

It also shows you the real-time status of all the documents you have uploaded on your VeriDoc Sign account. You can clearly see whether the documents you have uploaded have been completely signed or partially, or yet to get signed by others. Once your document is fully signed, it will be verified and stored in the blockchain automatically. Other than the the Blockchain Status (Signed or unsigned status of the document), VeriDoc Sign’s Dashboard also displays the Document Name, Created By, Date Created, Sign Status (whether your document is signed or still pending), Manage Access, and Action. You can find the Blockchain Status on the dashboard of your VeriDoc Sign account. VeriDoc Sign’s Blockchain Status gives you the opportunity to view the status of all your documents – whether they are still pending, completed, and/or saved in the blockchain. Sign up for VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution today and enjoy all its excellent offerings.