Confirmation Mail To Signers And Viewers

11 Mar 2024

Once you have uploaded the document on VeriDoc Sign, a confirmtion mail will be sent to all your assigned signers and viewers ogf the document with esigning/viewing instruction. After you have successfully added all the required details on your uploaded document, you can save it, and send it. 

Once you have added details like Name, Date, Company, Designation, and other customized fields (if any), then you upload the document on VeriDoc Sign. Once uploaded, the document will be automatically send to all the assigned signers and viewers. And, they will receive a mail in their designated inbox with the assigned instructions. Most industries have adopted esignature solutions now. Businesses are growing, and esignatures are one of the reasons why. When the turnaround time for the execution of your decisions or strategies decreases, the productivity gets better. While big businesses are working on having a competitive advantage, small businesses are looking forward to establishing themselves more quickly and productively. VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured eSignature solution gives you a great opportunity to adopt electronic signatures in your organisation’s everyday workflow. It not only makes paperwork so much easier, but improves productivity, provides blockchain security, and assures document transparency. Try VeriDoc Sign today and enjoy the benefits of an eSignature-driven workflow.